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Monday, January 31, 2011

How to avoid temptation

I dunno why I seem so mean and moody since yesterday. I would display an irritated look whenever someone asks me simple questions like, "May tao ba dito?", "Ano yan Ate Pen?", "Bakit 'yan?" etc. Those nonsense I thought! Just like a while back. There was this board-mate's visitor who wanted to use the CR and kept on asking me who was inside. Somehow, I could response nicely. But I said over my shoulder, "Bakit di mo na lang bantayan para malaman mo?" with curled brows!


Yesterday, I went over a friend's boarding house for film-viewing -- I, Charlie and his girlfriend, Hazel watched Indian movie "Three Idiots". All I can say about the movie is that it is stress-relieving. Stress really went away as we watched it. :)



Axer went to the market and arrived at boarding house with a bag of one kilo milk fish and petchay. (Wow! Sinigang. Pero bakit bangus? Ayoko niyan! Matinik.)
While he was in the kitchen cooking the dish, Charlie prepared the rice, I was doing my stuff in the living room (still watching the Three Idiots).

Ayun!!! Maya-maya pa. Kainan na.

Ako naman na nagsabing ayaw ng sinigang na bangus o kahit anung luto ng matinik na bangus, pumunta pa rin. Siyempre, para makalibre ng pera at pagod.:))
Naabutan namin ni charlie ang petchay na nakalimutan ata ihalo ni axer. Ako naman, "Baliw! Luto na di mo pa nilagay? Ihalo mo na Charlie, pwede pa yan."
Pagbukas ni charlie ng casserole, ayun! Paksiw ang laman. Papalusot pa ang Axer na yun. "Tikman mo. Masarap ang luto ko. Buong buhay mo, ngayon ka lang makakatikim niyan! ang sabi sa'kin.
Okay na. Handa na kaming kumain.
Pagbukas ng kalderong malaki. "Hala! Andami niyo namang sinaing." kako. Dami kasi. Kung sa bahay, pang-pito o walong tao. May mga lalake pang kakain.

Axer: Si Charlie nagluto ng kanin.

Ako: Mauubos niyo ba yan?

Charlie: Eh di hanggang bukas na.

Okay na. Kain na. Apat kami dapat. Kaso di sumabay yung isang senglot na.

Sa hapag naman. Masaya at maingay kaming kumain. Kahit pa penglaw si Axer dahil isinabay ang pagtungga ng serbesa (hindi naman talaga sorbetes. Naalala ko kasi nung bata ako, napagpapalit ko ang dalawang term na to) at pagluto.

Kung anu anong mga bagay ang naalala ng mga kasama ko. Anjan, itanong si Axer kung kumusta yung best guy prend ko. Minsan kasi, nung first sem pa, niyaya ko sila ni Charlie mag-bar para lang makilala ko ang girlfriend ni Micky na serbidora sa bar.

Sagot ko:

"Naka-move on na ako. Matagal na yun. Siya mismo nagtulak sa'kin papalayo kaya why insist myself? (tama naman diba?)

Tapos na ang dinner.


Sa boarding ko..

Sabi ng isang confidant. "Andaming temptation. Paano ko iiwasan?"

Sagot ko, bilang counselor sa kaibigan ko... aaminin kong wala akong maisip sa oras na yun..

"Pag-iisipan ko muna."

Pero di ba, it's all up to the person naman kung ano ang gusto niyang mangyari. He has the knowledge to know what is right and wrong. Nasa kanya na din kung ano ang sinasabi ng konsensya niya. It's whether he can stand hurting his girl and lose her and feel free to entertain the pleasure or resist the temptation and do what he knows is right for I know alam niyang dapat at kung panu umiwas.

pasagot naman..:)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hope is gone.:(

Err. I don't have much to say. It's just that I really really wish, our instructor will be replaced soon. Be replaced with someone who has a motivating strategy in teaching, whose field is teaching and who suits teaching accounting 1.
We just had our departmental examination this day. As usual, I concentrated more on the processes of accounting than in the theories -- I browsed my book and went back to the first step of accounting cycle through post-closing trial balance, that's it! Simply because I love application more than memorization.
I can't think of any way to cool down myself now for in the examination, we were given a merchandising business problem which I am not fully oriented into. I and my classmates I guess, are used only to solving servicing business problems. Get my point? That's where our current instructor focused during the midterms.
I am so worried about the outcome of my performance.

Who's to be blamed? Not any of them, whoever they are. But you know guys, it's hard to learn this way -- unmotivated, trying hard to encourage myself. I do need some encouragement too, right? But even in their simplest ways, they really don't give a damn. I know some of you know who I refer to. 

And anyway, I was wrong in my adjusting entries in the situation I included on my previous post. The correct entries are:

Interest Receivable for debit
Interest Income for credit.. 

That is because there is an original entry of :

(DR) Notes Receivable
(CR) Service Income..

*This correction is for the sake of those who understand this part.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It's my vacant time again. Hay! Katatapos lang ng history. We had a group debate and the topic debated upon was, "Would Philippines be better off if it became a state of US?" Err. Our instructor congratulated everyone in the class for the job well done. We all showed effort and it was beyond his expectation that our class would do well in any group activity -- debate, talk-show, role-play etc. BUT I admit that I am not qualified as a debater. Not even in an informal daily chats with friends. Well, I just mentioned about it for I noticed that the con party ignored all the concrete proofs that distance would not matter for US to manage the country (Philippines) if it happened to be permanently colonized by the former. Yun lang.:)


Another debate...

Then when I was on my way here at Apo Pilo with a classmate, I crossed path with my former classmate Moises. He asked help for the problem given to them in Accounting, and showed me the situation:

The company received 60-day note, 12 percent interest, 60000 pesos, from a customer for the service rendered on December 11. (Something to that effect).

In cases like this, my knowledge about a certain subject matter would easily divert but not in this point for my answer was:

Debit, Notes Receivable
           Interest Receivable
Credit, Accrued Income... Clue is from the bold term.

contradicted by my companion:
Debit, Accrued Income
Credit, Interest Payable... she said.

For as long as I can recall, it is under accrual basis of accounting. She should prove me wrong.

So there!
I hope I can blog about our adventurous encounter in the Mountain of Hope last Saturday and in Bangan Hill for the this coming Saturday. It was my very first time to climb a steep mountain and I am so glad I managed my easy "fatiguebility." It was so much fun, adventure and a thing worth looking back.:)

Friday, January 21, 2011


I still am the old kolehiyala I used to be back in 2007. Feeling proud even I know myself that I have none to brag about. So confident for the coming midterm examinations as if I have no "special exam" for prelims in my Management subject. ha-ha! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY as they say. Right? Right!

Time goes so fast, no? Hay! I just finished my take home seat-work in my major subject Accounting 1. Yay for me! I admit that I envisage a failing grade, though. It's our (me and my classmates) very predicament to fully understand the lessons our instructor delivers, and no! She doesn't usually delivers a lecture for what she teaches us is to rely on ourselves -- self-study -- we read the book at home, and when her time for us comes, we'll ask her the topics we cannot grasp in the subjects we read. Isn't it nice of her? Whew! I'm so fed up of this routine. Well, wrong again! I am not used to reading educational books. I'd rather get a novel to kill time. Lackadaisical I am. To be a wide reader is one of the major requirements in my chosen endeavor, but how can I teach myself to do what I don't like to engage in? Haha! Then drop out, right? The best solution to rid the tiring routines of a college student. See? I really know. But I have dreams too. :(
Whether I like it or not, I MUST do what is MUST! hehe.

Last class for today, 5:30 to 7:00, Accounting 1. It's all for now. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kung anu ano lang

Wee!!! It's supposed to be a rest day for I have a half-day class only during Wednesday but have many works to do -- school stuffs and personal stuffs alike. Hay! Our Philosophy instructor is out (again) but left us library research to do. Since we aren't allowed at electronic library right now, we preferred to do our respective personal things and I chose to check my yahoo and boom! My honey replied on my message I sent him the other day. Well, I should be at my boarding house by now, taking a rest for few minutes, have my lunch after and then do my laundry but it can wait, right? He he.

Been thinking of blogging about the award I received last Monday to keep a memory but couldn't find time and now, I thank our instructor for being absent.:)

It wasn't really an award, just a fun inside the class after the role play in our Biology subject. Hmm.. We played the Krebs cycle. Can't say much about our performance but I'm telling you, every performer had a share of making the class loud and boisterous as if there were no classes going on in the classrooms adjacent to our room. After each group had performed, our professor asked for nominations for best actor and actress. Then, there was this Ehman (I think he has the looks) guy behind me. Dunno what he had in mind -- he campaigned for me, really pronouncing my name in an attention grabber tone of voice. And I, being serious at the time and couldn't find a way to ride on in his joke, hid my face. "Shit! What a shame!" I thought. After awhile, nomination was over. Putting my palms on my both ears in order not to hear my classmates' noise, I still couldn't escape the shame rushing in my system when our professor announced my name as the best actress. Ha-ha!


What a darned innate laziness! Yes, I do attend my classes everyday except for my absences due to personal reason, at least a valid one, but I really can't counterattack the laze came with me when I went out of my mom's womb. ha ha!

Three years ago, I had my life planned out. Although I was easily influenced, I didn't blame my companions for what I turned into. I had vices -- I drunk and smoked -- had many "barkadas" whom I was usually with when I got out of the way to school. Mind you, I planned all the things I would need in the future. I made sure that i wouldn't be a college drop out even if I was in that disposition. I told myself, I would graduate on time and that would be by 2011 supposedly. I would work for few years after passing the board exam. I would help my family. And, and, and.... I feel like crying now.. haha!!:)).. At the age of 24, after working for two or three years, I wished to be married -- year 2014 sana. Too young for me to think of by then but that's what I wanted to happen. Unfortunately, things can't go with the way I had expected it to be. And you know, it's hard for me to adjust.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lucky unlucky day!!

Nais ko lamang i-blog ang malas na maswerteng araw ko. I say lucky unlucky day, malamang dahil infatuated? ako..

I have my NSTP (CWTS) class during Saturdays, and after two consecutive absences in the course, sabi ko "Dapat hindi na 'ko magkaron pa ng absent." -- before my parents would be informed about my slight negligence.:D Kaya anyun nga't kahit gustung gusto pang matulog ng diwa ko kaninang alas sais ng umaga (puyat kasi), pinilit kong bumangon, prepared my breakfast na milo't gatas worth 15pesos (nakapakete kasi binibili ko). After breakfast, pakulo ng tubig pampaligo. At ayun! Kakasira ng araw. My uncomfortable and sometimes, painful days for the month has started. Alam niyo na? Yan ang unang kamalasan ko dahil sagabal sa exciting namang mga aktibidades namin sa school -- first aid training.

Alas siyete y media ang pasok ko pero mag-aalas otso na ako pumasok (Filipino time, alam niyo na). Inis naman ako dahil hindi acquainted sa assigned area ng klase (absent kasi the previous Saturday) at kinailangan ko pang hanapin ang mga kaklase ko, buti na lang may cellphone, isang text lang ok na. Thanks God, naabutan ko pa ang grupo ng aming klase sa may Accounting.

Instructor pala namin ang late kaya may time pa maglagalag pero sinamahan ko na lang bumili ng pagkain ang mahal kong si Sarah (di kasi nagbreakfast). Pagkatapos ng ilang dekadang pagpila ni Sarah sa canteen sa labas ng school, balik agad sa campus. Aba! aba! Gulat naman ako nang tawagin ako ng guard. Taka pa ako nung itinanong, "Saan ka pupunta?". May ganun? Nakauniporme nga ako ng CWTS eh, di pa ba obvious? Dahil di ko ma-gets si manong guard, hinayaan kong si Srah ang magsalita at nakikinig lang ako nang bigla na nmang nagsalita si manong at sabihin ba namang, "Bakit po ganyan ang suot niyo? Kung papasukin ko po kayo, pagagalitan ako." while looking at my rugged pants. At sabi pa, "Kita na ang hita mo." Kakalurkey lang talaga huh. The fact na ilang beses ko na ginamit pang-iskwela yung pantalon ko, ngayon langn ako naisipang sitahin???? Yan ang katwiran ko, at itanong ba naman sa mga guwadiyang sa car entrance/exit lang assigned, Pero ha, pero bigla ako nakaramdam ng hiya. andami kayang nagdadaang mga estudyante. Potek talaga dahil lingon sakin ang karamihang pumapasok habang punagsasabihan ni manong guard. Kaya naman nag-decide na lang akong magpalit ng pants tutal malapit lang ang tinutuluyan kong boarding house. Aminin ko, napaluha pa talaga ako sa pagkapahiya ko. Ikalawang kamalasan!!!

Bumalik pa ako sa school na nakairap sa guwardiya at halos me pagmumurang lumabas sa bibig. :))
Lumipas naman ang asar at inis ko nang magsimula na ang first aid training -- lovers carry, fireman carry, etc! Di nga lang umabot samin yung bandage training.

At ang pinaka-exciting talaga, ang RAPPELLING activity!!! Yehey!! Naranasan niyo na siguro and perhaps, it doesn't even sound interesting for you pero ako talaga, excited. Una, tinuruan kami kung paano ayusin yung rope para sa katawan (di ko alam ang tawag) na gagamitin sa pag-descend. UU na, ignorante ako. Di naman masama diba? Peo banas ako sa part na yan dahil ang  mag-rappel talaga ang gusto ko. Kainis nga eh. Kinailangan ko pa maghintay ng ilang oras dahil nung oumila ako, bigla ako inutusan ng instructor namin.

Bandang alas dos na ko nakapila uli samantalang alas dose nagsimula yung activity.

Sa wakas, my turn! Alas tres na kanina. Kinabitan ako ng kung anu anung mga gamit sa rappelling.

Excited pa ako umakyat sa top floor ng UB building. At, at.

At sinuswerte nga naman ako, yung gwapong facilitator ang nag-assist sa'kin. Bonggang bonggang pagpapa-cute naman ako. At siyempre, moment ko yun. Saya saya ko talaga. Crush lang naman. Pero a big big thanks dahil kahit papano, masaya ang araw ko. Idagdag pang tinanong kung ilang taon na ako, at kung taga-saan ako. Oh diba? Alam ko namang di na niya kailangang itanong ang pangalan ko dahil bago bababa mula sa top floor ng building gamit ang lubid, sasabihin pa ang "I [pangalan] blah blah blah...ready to rappel!" Siyempre, mairinig niya yun dahil kelangang marinig ng isa pang facilitator na nakahawak ng lubid sa baba. UU na nga, para yun lang! Ambisyosa naman ako.:))

Ayun na ang pinakahihintay ko. Pero pasensya na, wala talaga akong wide store of vocabulary. Meaning, can't grasp adjectives to narrate how I felt when I rappelled. Ganun pala, kung nasa baba ka lang na nanonood ng mga taong bumababa mula sa tuktok, nakakaexcite masyado. Pero pag ikaw na ang nakasampa at kahit pa may mga tao namang alam mong aalalay sa'yo, nakakanerbyos ng bonggang bongga.

Siyempre pa, proud naman talaga ako sa bago kong experience. Kahit papano, nagawa ko. di gaya ng iba, umatras dahil sa nerbiyos. Napatunayan kong wala akong "fear of height". hehe.. Nakalimutan ko nga naman kasi ang term  eh.:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In my Philo.18 class

I really don't know how to start this post. But my purpose in writing this one is to voice out what I was supposed to tell my Philosophy 18 instructor.

First and foremost, I viewed his action too unprofessional. Here how it started:

I was absent by the time he gave our class an assignment – to make a reflection paper. But as a trying hard to become a responsible student, I asked my classmates for an update regarding the topics previously discussed. I also asked them what the following lesson would be and they just answered me, "may assignment, reflection paper." "Reflection saan?" , I asked again. "Reflection sa subject." was the answer. I was disoriented about the guidelines my classmates didn't inform me of. So, I presumed it was like the one we made last semester.

Before starting mine, I thought of the vague lectures delivered in the class and I decided to include them in my reflection paper. And mind you, when we say reflection paper, it is somewhat personal and it is up to us what to talk about in there. Another one I considered in composing my work is that, in the university, we (students) are given the right to speak our minds; since class sessions aren't allotted for it, I presumed that the reflection paper could be an alternative for me to reveal what bugs me.

And mind you again, I couldn't always muster up enough courage to talk to my professor face-to-face, that's why I did my reflection paper as a medium to let him know all these "shits".

Then in our class two hours back, he cleared himself. As in he really explained himself. And guess what he told me? " I am sorry but I failed you!" Isn't it too unprofessional thing to do for instructors like him? Though he didn't directly talk to me, I am very particular of how he sounded – and all those "shits" he muttered in the class were for me. Now, who agrees he didn't take the case personally?

Before I submitted my work, I even asked some friends if it looked okay and they all approved except for one who told me, "Wag mu na lang masyadong kontrahin, baka ibagsak ka pa."

One of my options for now is to find time and manage to face him and clear myself too. He can fail me, right? But in the basis of my performance not because of the damned thing that made him feel bitter. Agree?


To give you an idea of the reflection paper I made, here's one of the lines I scribbled:

" rather catholic in nature."

But you know what he exclaimed in the class? He Simply said that, what he teaches us aren't PURELY catholic. (okay, okay. It was all my mistake)

I was near to tears by then. Somehow, I handled my emotions and managed to hide it for a while. As I stepped out of the D104 room, I could no longer handle the pressure and let my tears fall.

Eto lamang po ang drama ko ngayong araw.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

trying hard to make an update:)

As some might noticed, I don't have much time to blog now or more appropriate to say, I don't often face blog sphere like before anymore for I have decided not to spend too much time browsing the internet, for good. As of now, it's a convenient time to update my blog for the second time this year -- it's my free time and we (I and my group mates) just finished our output in History.

Well, though it's a bit late to talk about, I just really want to have something to post. [In this case, I must admit that I know very little about the current events and issues happening in the country] I just read an article about the changing of tourism logo, the line Wow! Philippines (wow stands for world of wonders, of course you know that) was about to be changed into Pilipinas kay ganda. Although it was liked by many, especially by the ones of my age, I agree that changing it from "Wow! Philippines" to "Pilipinas kay ganda" wouldn't sound appropriate. Basically, because if we were to describe Philippines, the descriptive languages to be brought out would not fall under the term "ganda", and how much more with the line "kay ganda". Another reason is that, how tourist would tourist react? Of course, the question to be formulated in their minds could be "ano raw?" (in their own languages). Would you be patient enough to explain its meaning all the time?

The situational change in the tourism field was disapproved by P-Noy and some others, and it even received "rain of heckles" as it was stated in the piece I read. I wonder ir\f my co-bloggers who blogged about their approval in the said change knew about this case. I wonder if they made analysis before posting and publishing their complimenting entries. I also wonder if posting such felt so right for them (for I am hesitant in posting this one). But at one point, I admire you guys for your time to gather news updates.:)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Pagbigyan mo naman ako..:(

kaninang umaga sa Accounting class under Mr. Susi. (7:00-8:00)

Sir Susi was about to write my name on the seat plan beside Cherry's name, pero nasa likod kasi yun, pinakalikod actually at gusto ko sa harap.

Me: Wala bang available dito sa harap Sir?

Sir Susi: (pointing to the vacant seats)

Me: Uhm. Dito na lan Sir (pointing to the seat nearest to his table)

Sir Susi: Pumili ka na lang ng iba.

Me: Bakit Sir?

Sir Susi: Baka magulat ka pag nakita mo yung nakaupo diyan. (pointing to the seat next to the seat I chose at nakatawa pa)

Me: Hala Sir! katabi lang naman. Gusto ko kasi dito sa harap.

Sir Susi: Nag-aalala ako sayo eh. Pumili ka na lang sa dalawa diyan (referring to the seats behind the one I chose)

No choice, sinunod ko na lang.

Then in the middle of the lecture arrived the boy Sir Susi was talking about.

Ayun, ang ingay pala. Sobrang nakakairita.


Sa klase naman namin ng English. (1-2:30)

May nagtext. Na-curious naman ako dahil sa talk 'n text ang gamit ko at kokonte lang ang nakakaalam ng numero kong yun, wala pang sampu. At totoo ding madalang ako maka-receive ng text dun dahil puro tawag, galing pa sa iisang tao..:)) Kaya naman dali dali kong in-open, expecting it was from the guy I really really like.
At pag-open ko, nabasa ko ang "Mam" na ipinangalan ko sa professor namin ng Accounting.

At eto ang sabi...

"Good PM [my name], I have referred your case to the dean of Accountancy and she told me not to allow you to transfer (from her class to Mr. Susi's). Transfers are only allowed during the first weeks of the semester. I have already informed Mr. Susi about it. Tapos na kasi prelims eh. I'm sorry but we have policy to follow."

Ayun! at di na ako nakapag-concentrate makinig sa lecture sa English.

Pareho na nga kasi silang pumayag nun, ipinaalam pa sa dean, wala na sanang problema. May dalawang rason kasi kong bakit gusto ko lumipat. One is ___ and the other is ___.. haha.. akin na lang..
Anyway, I have decided to take it as a challenge.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

ang aming new year..:)

December 30, 2010.. One year has passed since then kasi 2011 na oh.
The day everybody started to prepare for  New Year's Eve celebration, but it was very different at home. We almost had nothing, not even a cent we thought, for us to enjoy the coming of 2011. However, we managed not to display sadness though we really thought New Year's Eve would turn out to be an air of Good Friday, nothing to celebrate blissfully and noisily. And we had no choice rather than to accept the realization of melancholic approach of new year to us.
Then 31st of December 2010 came. I and my sisters preferred to get up very late for nothing excited us – we would not celebrate new year eh. But Mom surprised us. She came home from market holding bags of ingredients for macaroni salad and spaghetti, and a kilo of chicken meat. Of course, as what we customarily do at home, she brought home some round fruits that symbolizes money. So, our mood brightened up. Right after taking our breakfast, I and my sisters and mom helped each other in preparing the foods for media noche.
Some family members stayed at home, my sister's boyfriend stayed with us, too. We joined the countdown show of ABS-CBN, opened the stereo and made it very loud to replace firecrackers – we had it boisterously. Then when countdown was up, we went for the foods. After eating, some visitors started to come. And when it was our turn to visit houses, we chose one of my sisters' boyfriend's place.