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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

be proud (of her)

Talking about the recent Ms. Universe where Ms. Venus Raj represented Philippines. I wonder why folks here and there eye another major mistake (perhaps) of her. Well, you are right. I am talking about the question and answer portion. Though I did not watch the search myself, rumors and news (daw eh at di naman malayong mangyari) are spread. She was asked what may possibly been her major mistake in life and what did she do to make it right, she said that she doesn’t have major mistake yet. We are aware of some of her cases that were mentioned in news.
For me, it wasn’t a shame at all—the major major thing. Get over it!  Do you think, if you were in her place, you would be able to make it to Top 10 or top 15? At least, she was able to make it to top 5—she bagged 4th place and that is another victory for our country. Agree? So, better watch your words guys.
She said in an interview that she didn’t know what she was saying during the Q&A portion but I think it doesn’t mean that she did not do her best; it means not that she did not transcend what she could. Perhaps, she really was preoccupied at the time regarding the issues she has encountered in the past. J
Just an opinion.:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It was an insane decision to go in a place just to meet a guy. But for fun's sake, I once did it.  I remember that one hot sunny day of March in 2009, I went to a place that was unfamiliar to me--especially the faces there, not even a single smile would lighten my feelings as an alien to that particular town of Nueva Vizcaya. One thing I am sure of is that it was such an unforgettable moment I have in the past. It wasn't the guy I was there for but for another guy who had contributed much in my life, who has been spicing up my mood, this guy who, at very first meeting touched my heart and my life indeed, the only guy I call "bestest friend", my only best guy friend.I would really love to shout his name but he would not appreciate it I know. This guy has been my favorite topic in every conversation I would take in my everyday life.
At this very statement I am writing, you would no doubt say that I am in love with this certain Mr. M. I won't be ashamed of saying "Yes, you are right." I love to admit that I am stupidly in love with a guy who can't return the love I give. What's the matter anyway? We are okay and as long as we are okay in our standing as friends, I will always remain as the "most stupid insane martyr girl" in his life. I don't care what other people would say or how they would react in my stupidity. The point is that I know where to be happy and that I am happy in his assuaging company.
I love him the way that anybody would do just for a guy.
"What the heck?" others might bumble. You care? It's my life and it is a matter of finding my happiness. I know, you'd still not agree with me. But what can I do? I can't resist or stop myself of loving someone who loves another girl. I am happy, that's all.:(

I do accept advice from concerned citizens.:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Namumugtong mga mata

I actually do not have much to say. Remembering what my classmates noticed in me this morning--lumiit daw ang mata ko. They asked what my problem is and i jokingly said that a boyfriend just broke up with me but it really wasn't it. Last night, I sent a text message to my ate. Well, it wasn't about the reply, neither about someone. The problem is within me. What i can say is that I am thankful to God for letting me realize these things I should have realized earlier if I wasn't too selfish and have too much self-indulgent. Yes, I cried and went to school with the visible marks in my eyes--ang bigat ng mata ko--others think that I deprived myself of sleep last night, dahil siguro hindi naman aku yung tipong nagpapakita ng problema in public.
I simply told my classmates, "wala akong problema sa ibang tao, sa sarili ko mismo. Mas mahirap ang ganitong problema. Alam niyo yong nag-eexpect ka ng isang bagay without working hard for it. Yung gusto mong makaranas ng ganito o ganyan, wala ka namang ginagawa." well, it seemed that they got what i mean.
As i have mentioned in one of my earlier entries, be willing to work hard, struggle a little bit, risk a little bit and be willing to make your fingers dirty in order for us to attain our endeavors.

Monday, August 09, 2010

simula ng pagbabago (hopefully)

Hay naku! Panu ku ba sisimulan?
Ganito na lang, naalala ku kasi nung gabing naiisip ko 'tong mga gusto kong isulat ngayon. Matatakutin akong bata (he-he, bata talaga eh). I always say that I don't believe in apparitions or ghosts since I have not seen any, but I ronically, I can't stay in the dark alone, I'm afraid I might see one. Ha-ha! Eto kasi, nakaya kong magpunta ng banyo namin para maghilamos, nasa edge kasi siya ng bahay namin (outside the house), wee! Hindi ata tama. Ganito na lang, kumbaga kung sa “direction”, nasa south-west siya. Kuha mu? He-he. Madilim na kasi nun, walang napupuntang shade ng ilaw run tsaka nasa loob pa ng banyo yung switch ng ilaw. Hindi na kasi ginagamit yung banyo sa may kusina. Ayun! Nakapaghilamos na ako. Bow! Achievement yun men! Ha-ha!

I had many things in mind at that very instant. There was that best friend, that boyfriend and most especially, my predicament--there was that education. I am the type who really can't take education seriously. If you'd notice me seriously reading educational books or attentively listening to our instructor, miracle yun! He-he. May mga kakilala akong araw-araw, araw-gabi, before bedtime and upon getting-up, nagbabasa muna ng book, as in routinal talaga yun and I admire them for that. Sa totoo lang, gusto kong ma'adapt ang pag-uugaling yun. SUBALIT, NGUNIT, DATAPUWA'T, kalabanin ku ba naman ang intrinsic na katamaran ko, that “K”? Ang hirap kaya.

Here I go. Gusto mo bang malaman kung anu ang gusto kong mangyari sa daily life ko? (Kahit naman ayaw mu, gusto ku pa rin i'share. Ha-ha!). Shall I start?

Eto na, sisimulan ko sa araw ng Sunday pero Monday na lang, ha-ha! (dami ko tawa 'no?). Nagigising aku between 5-6am, aga 'no?, 8 pa ang klase ko eh di maluwag pa ako sa time to do anything that MUST be done or NEEDED to be finished? PERO ang ugali ko, mahiga lang at mag-isip ng mga napakawalang-kwentang bagay. Diba dapat magbasa ako gaya ng mga hinahangaan kong estidyante diyan? Got the first point? Tapos okay naman ang pagprepare ko when going to school, before or on time naman. 8AM to 12AM ang klase ko, three subjects (AC, Eng., Socio)pero bakante ku pa pala ng 10-11 and we usually do some research at apo pilo libaray then when 12 comes, lunchtime ko na gang 2:30. Joke lang. Bale ang dapat kong gawin, lunch muna (siyempre) pero saglit lang naman yun. So, dapat review o magbasa muna o advance study. Yan naman ang pangalawa. MWF sched ko yan sa umaga. Pwede ko din naman idagdag and paglalaba whatsoever. Sa hapon naman, from 2:30 to 5:30 ang klase ko for two subjects (Finance at Filipino). Klase yun so klase lang talaga dapat (seriously). Then uwian na. Schedule ko sa boarding ang paghahanda ng dinner at nagagawa ko naman ang duty ko ("Thou shall not neglect your duties" ika nga) so punta tayo sa after “night-rituals” ko (paghilamos/ pagshower/ refresh). Gaya nila, I should get a book to read or go over my lessons or do my assignments kung meron man. Ayos diba? Nakakapagod na pag-aaral. He-he!Sa TTh sched ko naman. I usually wake up at around 5-6 kasi 7 ang klase ku. ayun! la aku bakante during Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-11:30 ang class ku, no vacant time (pero pasaway kami. yenda muna pagdating ng science namin :D). We are usually dismissed earlier than expected na 11:30. ayun!!!
basta seryosong pag-aaral..
wise time management..
wise expenditure of money..
I should not squander every cent I receive from my brother, parents and from any of them--my family.
I should not kill the time with such nonsense stuffs.:)
Ayos diba?
Change for the better.
Gusto ku ma'feel pagiging estudyante ku but admittedly, I can't easily adjust myself to where I am supposed to be. Ayun lang!
Thanks God for letting us have this Apo Pilo library.