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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Namumugtong mga mata

I actually do not have much to say. Remembering what my classmates noticed in me this morning--lumiit daw ang mata ko. They asked what my problem is and i jokingly said that a boyfriend just broke up with me but it really wasn't it. Last night, I sent a text message to my ate. Well, it wasn't about the reply, neither about someone. The problem is within me. What i can say is that I am thankful to God for letting me realize these things I should have realized earlier if I wasn't too selfish and have too much self-indulgent. Yes, I cried and went to school with the visible marks in my eyes--ang bigat ng mata ko--others think that I deprived myself of sleep last night, dahil siguro hindi naman aku yung tipong nagpapakita ng problema in public.
I simply told my classmates, "wala akong problema sa ibang tao, sa sarili ko mismo. Mas mahirap ang ganitong problema. Alam niyo yong nag-eexpect ka ng isang bagay without working hard for it. Yung gusto mong makaranas ng ganito o ganyan, wala ka namang ginagawa." well, it seemed that they got what i mean.
As i have mentioned in one of my earlier entries, be willing to work hard, struggle a little bit, risk a little bit and be willing to make your fingers dirty in order for us to attain our endeavors.

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