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Thursday, November 04, 2010

First day of second semester

This is the first day of classes for the second semester 2010-2011. Like what I said yesterday, I am not yet prepared for it but I tried to get prepared though.
Well, one thing that amazes me is that the feeling that I couldn't make it right for the first day turned the other way around. As I was walking along the covered walk, I bumped off with my former classmates--Sarah who is used to calling me "Ate", Joymee, Charlie, Jessa and many others. Receiving a hug from a friend makes me feel somewhat important or at least, it says that I have a part in this friend's life. A bundle of laughter shouldn't be missed for the flashes of wits from each of us.
For this semester which I love to say the beginning of REAL CHALLENGE, a big change in my usual routine should be made. That is to prioritize my studies for now and 'til I reach the finish line of my race--hit the books--read, read and read. I remember hearing an advice from accounting instructor, to read ten pages of accounting book daily! That's no joke I am not used to but one of the changes I have to take. I even ask friends for an advice or tips in order not to be tired with my studies easily. Can you give me some? Just email me on Thank you!

I also want to share my encounter this morning.

I went to school at around 9am to drop by at the registrar's office to get myself officially enrolled. I had to queue up with the long line of students finishing the flow of enrollment so I joined them. It was really a long line then, it was about my turn to be enrolled, I remembered that I didn't bring my receipt that was needed to be officially enrolled. I went back to my boarding house to get it. Fortunately, there was no one queuing up by the other registrar representative when I got back to school--I was able to avoid the hassle and entered my first period class for the day!

Til my next post!