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Friday, November 05, 2010

Second day of second semester

I could see no one and I am nowhere in a familiar world. It was a background of black and white I knew but dim for me to recognize which place it was. I could hardly move any part of my body--my hands and my fingers, my toes. I wanted to shout but no voice formed out from my lips. I tried to let my body fall from the bed where I was lying but it was as if someone was strongly and powerfully holding me. It seemed to take my breath away. Then I prayed but got no response from above so I almost decided to give up. I thought it'd be my end. No! I couldn't accept and just let it happen. I remained optimist to get back in the lively world. You are certain about what I am talking about, aren't you? It was such a nightmare (ha-ha!) so happened very early in the morning when I went back to sleep. Thanks God! He woke me up from a very bad dream.

I got up to prepare for my 10:00 class, my first class for today. It was almost 10 when I finished my bath and I wouldn't want to be late. I rushed, rushed and rushed. Well, I am already used to this kind of routine--waking up late and preparing for school in the last minute--BUT very well I also know that I have to change, to turn it right.

I neatly dressed myself in proper school uniform--dark blue skirt (I don't really know what color it is), tucked-in
buttoned white blouse for top and black flat shoes with black foot socks. I entered my class but it's the instructor who wasn't present. I don't really know why during first days of each semester, most of the instructors absent themselves or maybe they're around but prefer to get out of the way for the not yet official schedules for subjects/classes they would handle.

Now, while waiting for the bell to ring, for our next class, I decided to spend an hour here at the school e-lib.

Til next time.:)