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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hope is gone.:(

Err. I don't have much to say. It's just that I really really wish, our instructor will be replaced soon. Be replaced with someone who has a motivating strategy in teaching, whose field is teaching and who suits teaching accounting 1.
We just had our departmental examination this day. As usual, I concentrated more on the processes of accounting than in the theories -- I browsed my book and went back to the first step of accounting cycle through post-closing trial balance, that's it! Simply because I love application more than memorization.
I can't think of any way to cool down myself now for in the examination, we were given a merchandising business problem which I am not fully oriented into. I and my classmates I guess, are used only to solving servicing business problems. Get my point? That's where our current instructor focused during the midterms.
I am so worried about the outcome of my performance.

Who's to be blamed? Not any of them, whoever they are. But you know guys, it's hard to learn this way -- unmotivated, trying hard to encourage myself. I do need some encouragement too, right? But even in their simplest ways, they really don't give a damn. I know some of you know who I refer to. 

And anyway, I was wrong in my adjusting entries in the situation I included on my previous post. The correct entries are:

Interest Receivable for debit
Interest Income for credit.. 

That is because there is an original entry of :

(DR) Notes Receivable
(CR) Service Income..

*This correction is for the sake of those who understand this part.