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Thursday, June 18, 2009

At A Burtdei Party

Taken on December 22,2008--my cousin Aleeah Jiselle's 5th birhtday party-- at their resthouse(the resthouse serves as their home) in Sta. Maria, Pangasinan held at night.. Although, it was a children's party, we enjoyed being there. There were mascots of cartoon characters such as dora the explorer and spongebob squarepant(i seem forgotten the other one, that's why i cant name them all). They also hired clowns for amusement. We took shots with the clowns and the mascots but unluckily, i don't have all the shots uploaded in my friendster profile due to lacking of time. It really was for kids. They served lots of healthy dishes for dinner. The grown-up men took a quaff of liqour. We also had swimming in their own pool at the resthouse. We had the party 'til midnight.:))

At a picnic

I and my tita flor posed for a remembrance taken by ghiel during the picnic at my uncle's rice field in pangasinan. Unluckily,i couldn't upload our group pictures during meal time. Well,it was such a fun to have a family gathering.


these were taken last feb..i and my niece were taking some refreshment in a starbucks outlet..actually,it was our first time to enter in a starbucks cafe..jaja..
what makes it unforgettable,we do not know how to order and we think,one of the service crews noticed it..grr..atleast,we now know wut to do next time..

And I still have the tumbler of my order. I kept it for a remembrance.