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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In my Philo.18 class

I really don't know how to start this post. But my purpose in writing this one is to voice out what I was supposed to tell my Philosophy 18 instructor.

First and foremost, I viewed his action too unprofessional. Here how it started:

I was absent by the time he gave our class an assignment – to make a reflection paper. But as a trying hard to become a responsible student, I asked my classmates for an update regarding the topics previously discussed. I also asked them what the following lesson would be and they just answered me, "may assignment, reflection paper." "Reflection saan?" , I asked again. "Reflection sa subject." was the answer. I was disoriented about the guidelines my classmates didn't inform me of. So, I presumed it was like the one we made last semester.

Before starting mine, I thought of the vague lectures delivered in the class and I decided to include them in my reflection paper. And mind you, when we say reflection paper, it is somewhat personal and it is up to us what to talk about in there. Another one I considered in composing my work is that, in the university, we (students) are given the right to speak our minds; since class sessions aren't allotted for it, I presumed that the reflection paper could be an alternative for me to reveal what bugs me.

And mind you again, I couldn't always muster up enough courage to talk to my professor face-to-face, that's why I did my reflection paper as a medium to let him know all these "shits".

Then in our class two hours back, he cleared himself. As in he really explained himself. And guess what he told me? " I am sorry but I failed you!" Isn't it too unprofessional thing to do for instructors like him? Though he didn't directly talk to me, I am very particular of how he sounded – and all those "shits" he muttered in the class were for me. Now, who agrees he didn't take the case personally?

Before I submitted my work, I even asked some friends if it looked okay and they all approved except for one who told me, "Wag mu na lang masyadong kontrahin, baka ibagsak ka pa."

One of my options for now is to find time and manage to face him and clear myself too. He can fail me, right? But in the basis of my performance not because of the damned thing that made him feel bitter. Agree?


To give you an idea of the reflection paper I made, here's one of the lines I scribbled:

" rather catholic in nature."

But you know what he exclaimed in the class? He Simply said that, what he teaches us aren't PURELY catholic. (okay, okay. It was all my mistake)

I was near to tears by then. Somehow, I handled my emotions and managed to hide it for a while. As I stepped out of the D104 room, I could no longer handle the pressure and let my tears fall.

Eto lamang po ang drama ko ngayong araw.