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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

kabanas lang

until now, di ko pa rin makalimutan yung school nurse na 'yon....

I went to the dean of women yesterday to get admission slips for i already have three absences, one in my math class which is scheduled MWF and two in my PE subject scheduled TTh. 
i scribbled "recurring headache" as reason of my absences with my absences dated July 11, 12 and 14; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. When Ma'am Mila, the dean of women noticed my reason saying "recurring is what?" and "pabalik-balik Ma'am" i replied. "Did you go to a doctor for check up?" she asked again. "Mam nah. I am not used to." I answered. Well, to make it short. She advised me to see the doctor in our school since consultations in school clinic is included in our tuition fee. Then  she signed my admission slips on the "excused" field.

at the school clinic where i met the school nurse....

me: good morning ma'am.

gave me a questioning stare.

me: Ma'am (Mila) Pataueg told me to go here because of the reason i wrote here (referring to my admission slips).

nurse: recurring headache? umiinom ka ba ng gamot?

me: nah mam... i am not used to taking medicines.

nurse: nagpa-check up ka ba?

me: (shook my head) i am not used to.

*siningit niya pa makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya sa clinic at sinabing, "in fairness, ang bait ni mam mila ha. kung ganitong reason lang di tatanggapin ni sir cantong (the dean of men)."

nurse: i can't give you excuse letter with your admission slips past-dated.

me: maam mila told me to have at least, a check up because she thinks it might be another sickness.

nurse: do you have medical certicate?

me: yes mam, back in 2007.

nurse: nasa'yo?

me: i left it in the school i attended in 2007 mam.

nurse: panu to? (checking my admission slips) absent ka ng 11, 12 at 14 with the same reason. (with a hint of doubt as if it was a lie)

*siningit na naman makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya and told them the same line.

me: it actually happens [almost] everyday mam. especially upon waking up, and in the afternoon.

nurse: have you experienced blurred vision?

me: yes ma'am. sometimes, i can't see what's written on the book when i am reading in front of the class.

nurse: ganito na lang, sa ophthalmologist ka magpunta, kasi sabi mu nga lumalabo ang paningin mo. baka kaya ka nagkakaganyan.

me: sige mam. thank you! (and left)

* sa totoo hindi lang tatlong beses niyang isiningit ang makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya samantalang nandon pa akong kaharap at kausap niya, oras ng trabaho eh. bago pa ako makatayo sa kinauupuan ko, nakipag-usap na naman sa mga kasam niya at inulit ulit lang yung paulit ulit niyang sinabi..muntikan kong sinabihan na “wag mo isiping gawa gawa ko lang yan. Unless it’s simply because you yourself used to do it during your college days.” buti nahabaan ko pa ang pasensya ko.

Bubu din kasi ako. I mistakenly dated one of my admission slips with July 14 instead na July 7.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Masaya lang ako ngayong araw dahil, sapagkat, pagakat….
nagkaroon kami ng quiz sa accounting2 (Accounting for Partnership and Corporation). Bagama’t, kahit…kinakabahan ako noong una sa magiging resulta ng trabaho ko dahil hindi naman kasi tagala ako gaanong nakikinig sa classroom discussion at lalong di nagbabasa o advance study, halos makuha ko lahat ang tamang sagot. Kung masipag nga lang kasi ako mag-recheck ng trabaho ko, malamang nakita ko din ang error ko.
Tungkol sa admission of new partner by investment ang quiz.
I’m sure, there are still some who can relate with accounting matters.

Here’s the problem.

Cosme, Canlas and Cura are partners with profit and loss ratio of 30%, 50% and 20%, respectively. Their capital balances are: Cosme-150000pesos; Canlas-300000pesos; Cura-50000pesos. Corazon is admitted into the partnership by investing 150000pesos.

1) 1/5 interest in the partnership with a capital credit equal to his investment.
2) 1/5 interest in the partnership with total agreed capital of 650000pesos.
3) 30% interest in the partnership with total agreed capital of 650000pesos.
4) 15% interest in the partnership with total agreed capital of 750000pesos.
5) 1/5 interest in the partnership , bonus being allowed.

And here are the answers.
1) TAC-75000                                         CCr- 150000
   TCC-65000                                          Ccont-150000
            100000-Asset revaluation                           - 0 –

Other Asets                                        100000
              Cosme, Capital(100000x.30)                    30000
              Canlas, Capital(100000x.50)                    50000
              Cura, Capital(100000x.20)                       20000

Cash                                                   150000
              Corazon, Capital                                       150000

2) TAC-65000                                           CCr- 130000
    TCC-65000                                           Ccont-150000
                                                                            20000-bonus to old partners

Cash                                                   150000
              Corazon, Capital                                       150000

Corazon, Capital                                 20000
               Cosme, Capital(20000x.30)                       6000
               Canlas, Capital(20000x.50)                      10000
               Cura, Capital(20000x.20)                           4000

3) TAC-65000                                              CCr- 195000
    TCC-65000                                              Ccont-150000
                                                                                45000-bonus to Corazon
Cash                                                   150000
               Corazon, Capital                                       150000

Cosme, Capital(45000x.30)                13500
Canlas, Capital(45000x.50)                 22500
Cura, Capital(45000x.20)                     9000
              Corazon, Capital                                          45000

4) TAC-75000                                        CCr- 112000
    TCC-65000                                       Ccont-150000
             15000 -Asset Revaluation                    37500-Bonus to old partners

Other Asets                               100000
               Cosme, Capital(100000x.30)                       30000
               Canlas, Capital(100000x.50)                        50000
               Cura, Capital(100000x.20)                           20000

Cash                                         150000
              Corazon, Capital                                          150000

Corazon, Capital                        37500
               Cosme, Capital(37500x.30)                         11250
               Canlas, Capital(37500x.50)                         18750
               Cura, Capital(37500x.20)                              7500

5) TAC-65000                                              CCr- 130000
    TCC-65000                                              Ccont-150000
                                                                              20000-Bonus to old partners

Cash                                                    150000
              Corazon, Capital                                            150000

Corazon, Capital 20000
               Cosme, Capital(20000x.30)                           6000
               Canlas, Capital(20000x.50)                          10000
               Cura, Capital(20000x.20)                              4000

TAC stands for total agreed capital.
TCC-total contributed capital
CCr-capital credit
CCont-Capital contirbuted

*Sadly, hindi ko nasagot ng tama yung number 5 sa kadahilanang (gaya nung nakaraang linggo) mali ang TAC ko. Di pa ako sure kung yan yung tamang sagot sa case number5.
Kaya ikaw, lagi mong i-recheck sagot mu kung mahaba pa naman ang oras o kung may oras pa..^^

Friday, July 08, 2011

late bloomer

Firstly, I wanna talk big about my four-year-old nephew. His mom informed me that he’s accelerated from preparatory. To what level, I forgot to ask. He just makes us even prouder.
After ignoring Him for almost a month, I still got the answer to my prayer—that He may help me straighten my path. Yes! I neglected attending worship services for almost a month, and I finally came to my senses yesterday and was able to attend pagsamba. And believe it or not, I gave my sincere thanks to Him.
These past days, I noticed the very change in me. I have gained interest in studying; unlike before that I’d even choose not to enter my minor subjects. I am very thankful of this.
Amidst my plaguing headache this day, I went to school though I admit that I couldn’t concentrate on the lectures being delivered. We had a quiz in our major subject, accounting 2 this afternoon but even though I didn’t have my perusal before we’re given the quiz, I was confident that I would pass it. Ugh.. only to find out that everything I answered was wrong. Sa accounting kasi, one error would result to a total mistake. Hay naku!
Konteng update lang muna ngayon. Next time, I’ll post my practice tests/problems on accounting.^^

Saturday, July 02, 2011

drama ba?


Classmate 1: ano ang height mo?

Me: 4’9”

Classmate 2:  4’3” yata eh? (Biro niya)

Me: (smiling) aanhin mu naman ang kantangkaran mu kung wala ka namang “face” at “utak”?

Classmate 1: tumigil ka na!

Ahaha… di ko naman inasahang matatamaan siya.. well, was just stating some sort of truth.:D

I just wanna talk (or maybe speak) about my parents this time. First, I’d like to introduce the family members with few lines about them and using their aliases.

Daddy cool. Intelihente, mathematician, chess wizard and walking dictionary. FEU commerce graduate with major in accounting, CPA. And actually, ayun sa nakalap kong info, top five siya noon sa CPA licensure exam. Sadly, these are the few things I can brag about speaking of him.

Mommy: plain housewife na lagging wala sa bahay. :D
        Elementary undergrad.

Shobis: eldest in the brood of nine. She already has 5 kids of her own. Rebelde. Akala ko dati, akin ang tronong “black sheep of the family” pero papatalo ba naman yan sa katusuhan? Totoo naman.  She fit the title.

Hopper: best brother in the world not because he shoulders my school expenses but because he’s blessed with a pure heart.

Ben: Masipag. Not vocal for his care for his siblings.

Jhong: Quick-tempered.

Wating: a young dad. Tatay ng paborito kong pamangkin.

Kunyang: not yet a registered nurse. Uulitin ko ba? Graduate ng nursing. Hihi

Shang: napaka-caring na ate.

Shao (ako): pinakatopakin sa pamilya.:D
        Matalas ng dila.

Abbo: Bunso namin na kung umasta, parang mas matanda sa’kin.

Yun naman. But NOTE: hindi naman ito sa paninira sa kahit sa sino sa miyembro ng aming pamilya. Be open-minded when you attempt to read this post.

Nag-uusap kasi kami ng ate Kunyang ko kaninang tanghali about dad and mom. Badtrip kasi ako ke mudra. I arrived home yesterday to get my allowance from her only to find out na wala na naman siya sa bahay. Ang plano ko kasi, babalik din ng Bayombong para tapusin ang lahat ng assignments na iniwan ng aming propesor.

Sabi ng ate, bakit daw ganun sila. Mom wants us to treat and respect her as a real mother above everything but my ate pointed out that how are we gonna be the way mom wants us to be if in the first place, she herself fails to be a good example to us? Anjan kang halos araw araw murahin, lagi siyang wala. Ate even came to the point of comparing my mom to the other moms. Na bakit daw sina ganito, tamad naman gaya namin pero di sila minumura ng mama nila? I’d often contradict my sister’s perception of what my parents display saying “ikaw lang naman ang nagsasabi niyan eh.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mama and papa so much even they are very far from perfect parents. Minsan, kasi chocolate lover si papa, I’d buy him pasalubong, prepare a cup of coffee for him kasi mahilig din sa kape, o di kaya naman i-prepare ang pagkain niya. Si mama naman, di ko maiparamdam sa gawa ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya pero lagi kong sinasabi na pag nakapagtapos ako, i-spoil’in kosiya.

Halos lahat kaming magkakapatid may sama ng loob sa kanila the fact nakita naman namin ang pagkukulang nila. spiritual man o moral na paalala wala naibigay ang parents namin. Kung tutuusin, hindi naman masasabing mga suwail kaming anak sa kanila dahil kahit malaki ang pagkukulang nila, di namin sila binabastos.

Sino ba naman kasi ng mag-aakalang isang CPA (si papa), dukha? Ganito kasi, nasa mataas na posisyon sa isang kumpanya ang aking tatay noon at the same time, nililigawan siya ng ibang kumpanya sa mas mababang posisyon pero tutumbasan nila o higitan ang sweldo niya sa isang kumpanya. Ma-pride nga daw si papa dahil siguro visible na din nang mga panahong iyon na mababankrupt na yung pinagtatrabahuan niya, ni-reject niya yung mas malaking kumpanya.

Looking at the case positively, I may not be raised by perfect parents, their imperfections serve as my guide of how I will mold myself in order to become a good parent (if lucky to be one) someday.

Isa pa, sila ang gumawa sa’kin kaya ko naman naranasan kung paano mabuhay. Naranasan kong umiyak, masaktan, magmahal, magpaiyak, manakit at lahat lahat kaya dapat akong magpasalamat sa kanila.

Kung hindi dahil sa kanila, di ko makikita kung anong klaseng buhay ang nais kong iparanas sa magiging anak ko (kung nagkakaroon). Siyempre, di ko ipaparamdam at ipaparanas lahat ng karanasang di ko nagustuhan.

Iyon lamang muna sa ngayon.