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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

kabanas lang

until now, di ko pa rin makalimutan yung school nurse na 'yon....

I went to the dean of women yesterday to get admission slips for i already have three absences, one in my math class which is scheduled MWF and two in my PE subject scheduled TTh. 
i scribbled "recurring headache" as reason of my absences with my absences dated July 11, 12 and 14; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. When Ma'am Mila, the dean of women noticed my reason saying "recurring is what?" and "pabalik-balik Ma'am" i replied. "Did you go to a doctor for check up?" she asked again. "Mam nah. I am not used to." I answered. Well, to make it short. She advised me to see the doctor in our school since consultations in school clinic is included in our tuition fee. Then  she signed my admission slips on the "excused" field.

at the school clinic where i met the school nurse....

me: good morning ma'am.

gave me a questioning stare.

me: Ma'am (Mila) Pataueg told me to go here because of the reason i wrote here (referring to my admission slips).

nurse: recurring headache? umiinom ka ba ng gamot?

me: nah mam... i am not used to taking medicines.

nurse: nagpa-check up ka ba?

me: (shook my head) i am not used to.

*siningit niya pa makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya sa clinic at sinabing, "in fairness, ang bait ni mam mila ha. kung ganitong reason lang di tatanggapin ni sir cantong (the dean of men)."

nurse: i can't give you excuse letter with your admission slips past-dated.

me: maam mila told me to have at least, a check up because she thinks it might be another sickness.

nurse: do you have medical certicate?

me: yes mam, back in 2007.

nurse: nasa'yo?

me: i left it in the school i attended in 2007 mam.

nurse: panu to? (checking my admission slips) absent ka ng 11, 12 at 14 with the same reason. (with a hint of doubt as if it was a lie)

*siningit na naman makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya and told them the same line.

me: it actually happens [almost] everyday mam. especially upon waking up, and in the afternoon.

nurse: have you experienced blurred vision?

me: yes ma'am. sometimes, i can't see what's written on the book when i am reading in front of the class.

nurse: ganito na lang, sa ophthalmologist ka magpunta, kasi sabi mu nga lumalabo ang paningin mo. baka kaya ka nagkakaganyan.

me: sige mam. thank you! (and left)

* sa totoo hindi lang tatlong beses niyang isiningit ang makipag-usap sa mga kasama niya samantalang nandon pa akong kaharap at kausap niya, oras ng trabaho eh. bago pa ako makatayo sa kinauupuan ko, nakipag-usap na naman sa mga kasam niya at inulit ulit lang yung paulit ulit niyang sinabi..muntikan kong sinabihan na “wag mo isiping gawa gawa ko lang yan. Unless it’s simply because you yourself used to do it during your college days.” buti nahabaan ko pa ang pasensya ko.

Bubu din kasi ako. I mistakenly dated one of my admission slips with July 14 instead na July 7.


definella said...

over naman yung nurse.. pahirapan talaga.

apple said...

so nice of you that you didn't confront her. you could have told her she's not doing her job well. haha! :D