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Monday, August 08, 2011

Prayers answered..

hindi ko matantya kung ilang buwan na akong nagtitiis sa pabalik-balik na sakit ng ulo ko, usually, sa hapon at umaga sumasakit. Hindi ko na din matandaan kung kelan pa ako nagkaroon ng blurred vision pag nagbabasa ng libro sa harap ng klase. Alam kong hindi na normal 'to, nabanggit ko na din naman sa parents ko pero wala pa akong pampa-check up sa ngayon. Ganyan kasi talaga pag dukha (di bale, mukhang mayaman aman..HAHA!). I must admit, I am very weak in handling emotional problems and at the same time, I am not vocal with such problems to anyone. And yes! I have n\been told many times that I appear emotionally strong and nothing in my actions would indicate that I am the other way around—vulnerable. But mind you, I am not hiding my vulnerability. I just do not want to talk about my feelings (except when blogging).

The good thing is that, I have recently started actively joining our church' activities and it's enlightening to do so.

If I were to compare my disposition now and before I have come to this realization, I would say “goodbye to my good old self”. I have wished of nothing but to attain peace of mind. Now that He granted my prayers, why leave the right track? I may not be bestowed material possessions, being blessed with spiritual gain, I am confident and optimist that no matter what this life would take me in, He will light my path.

Thanks to the kid who taught me how to prioritize and what to put first in everything I do. He's right. Put God first and do everything that glorifies Him.

Sa sobrang sakit ng ulo ko kagabi, di ko na alam ang gagwin ko at parang walang laman ang utak ko. Ang kaisa-isang naisip ko, magpunta ng kwarto at manalangin. It isn't the first time, effective talaga ang pananalangin. Hindi naman kasi ako yung tipong marunong at di nakakalimot manalangin pero kahit ganun, I still feel the presence of God in my life. And having Him up there should be the greatest thing to be treasured, hindi ang material wealth.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hindi kaya migraine yan?

Dhianz said...

amen! yeah very relaxing nd uplifting tlgah pag Sya ang kakausapin moh in da midst of ur problem... sometimes i dunno how to deal w/ my problems as well... minsan tinotorture koh pa sarili koh nang more... but wat heals me eh when i talk to Him... i usually drop by sa church nd i cry my heart to Him... nd yan ang every effective for meeh.. so yeah... take care... thanks for sharin' this... Godbless!

Janel said...

Agree :). & it's good to vent every now and then... kahit sa blog man lang.

Keith said...

Of the post I understood (in Eglish) I agree fully. Put God first in all things. There is a wiosdom in not exposing vulnerability. "Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot"

I appreciated tghis post, though I am not sure what blog list brought me here.

Take care.