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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Favorite blog page

When I started blogging, I was still unaware of what really "blog" means. It comes from the word "web log". (Yun lang yung natatandaan ku). Haaha! Pero joke lang, alangan naman kasing i-define ko pa.

I've been browsing blogs on the web for me to understand more what to do with this blog, how to blog and what to blog. Mine is a kind of, well, on line diary/journal where I unbosom anything that would annoy or inspire me. I did not make this account to entertain anyone, I did not intend to socialize or make friends but it's my way to lighten up myself when dispirited or anything but there are things I can't share here or publicize.

I have been in the blogging world for more than a year now. I have had visited many blog pages and known that blogger(s) have different purposes in blogging but one common thing among us--blogger(s)--is that we do it as a hobby. I just recently had time to search for blogs worth an admiration and I want to share this one I am fond of, "ser mots", "tatay mots", "good morning tatay", as many of his followers call him. Just go immediately to He has a unique way of giving entertainment to his readers. I can't recall how I got into his page but since I had visited it, I spend most of my time in surfing the net reading his posts at nakikibasa na lang din ng mga komento sa mga entry niya. I even spend my vacant time at e-lib just to visit his blog. Nakakatuwa lang kasi talaga basahin yung mga di naman walang kwentang post niya..:)

ps: e-mail posting po ang gamit ko kaya url ang naka-type..:)