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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

be proud (of her)

Talking about the recent Ms. Universe where Ms. Venus Raj represented Philippines. I wonder why folks here and there eye another major mistake (perhaps) of her. Well, you are right. I am talking about the question and answer portion. Though I did not watch the search myself, rumors and news (daw eh at di naman malayong mangyari) are spread. She was asked what may possibly been her major mistake in life and what did she do to make it right, she said that she doesn’t have major mistake yet. We are aware of some of her cases that were mentioned in news.
For me, it wasn’t a shame at all—the major major thing. Get over it!  Do you think, if you were in her place, you would be able to make it to Top 10 or top 15? At least, she was able to make it to top 5—she bagged 4th place and that is another victory for our country. Agree? So, better watch your words guys.
She said in an interview that she didn’t know what she was saying during the Q&A portion but I think it doesn’t mean that she did not do her best; it means not that she did not transcend what she could. Perhaps, she really was preoccupied at the time regarding the issues she has encountered in the past. J
Just an opinion.:)

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