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Thursday, September 02, 2010

soo soo sad..:(

I am at Apo Pilo library with my fellow students from different schools/department.
We just checked our English exams and majority of the number of students in our class failed (I guess),including myself--I got 65.5 out of 140 (daw). My God! In instances like this, I remember Ma'am Pataueg, our Finance101 instructor. She is used to telling us "dapat kung my quiz/exams, tumbasan mu naman yung ibinibigay na allowance mu sa maghapon." something like that. And she would add, "halimbawa pag ang quiz, 20 items, dapat naman maipasa mo..." do you get the point? Rarr.. It should be that way talaga but I dunno what's happening to my life as a student. di ko feel na estudyante ako. I even confided to someone. He told me that he saw Gabriella Silang in me--easily giving up my dreams (daw). That should not be but neither would I promise myself to get higher grades next examination or in the coming quizzes in any of my subjects.

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