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Sunday, September 05, 2010

a painful goodbye, a happy beginning

Being with someone special is one of the precious moments in our lives. Well, I was with one of the most special people in my life last night. I missed him, that’s what I know. I was so happy chatting with him even if it meant welcoming pain—I really didn’t care—we talked about his girlfriend, his bestfriend and nothing more important.
It was like being in a dramatic scenario—I really can’t imagine that I was able to confide that I was hurt upon hearing about his bestfriend. What I cannot forget the most is that I prepared myself for our last bonding—it might be our last talk and I accepted this possibility.
There were many things I wanted to reveal but I was afraid to hear painful truth. I wanted to confess one thing but I did not bother. I wanted to ask him one thing but I preferred to keep myself dangling. I wanted to tell him one thing but I was afraid to hear responses that might embarrass me. I don’t know if I can stand this reality of losing someone but I know it has to be this way.
*di naman aku drama.:))

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