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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kung anu ano lang

Wee!!! It's supposed to be a rest day for I have a half-day class only during Wednesday but have many works to do -- school stuffs and personal stuffs alike. Hay! Our Philosophy instructor is out (again) but left us library research to do. Since we aren't allowed at electronic library right now, we preferred to do our respective personal things and I chose to check my yahoo and boom! My honey replied on my message I sent him the other day. Well, I should be at my boarding house by now, taking a rest for few minutes, have my lunch after and then do my laundry but it can wait, right? He he.

Been thinking of blogging about the award I received last Monday to keep a memory but couldn't find time and now, I thank our instructor for being absent.:)

It wasn't really an award, just a fun inside the class after the role play in our Biology subject. Hmm.. We played the Krebs cycle. Can't say much about our performance but I'm telling you, every performer had a share of making the class loud and boisterous as if there were no classes going on in the classrooms adjacent to our room. After each group had performed, our professor asked for nominations for best actor and actress. Then, there was this Ehman (I think he has the looks) guy behind me. Dunno what he had in mind -- he campaigned for me, really pronouncing my name in an attention grabber tone of voice. And I, being serious at the time and couldn't find a way to ride on in his joke, hid my face. "Shit! What a shame!" I thought. After awhile, nomination was over. Putting my palms on my both ears in order not to hear my classmates' noise, I still couldn't escape the shame rushing in my system when our professor announced my name as the best actress. Ha-ha!


What a darned innate laziness! Yes, I do attend my classes everyday except for my absences due to personal reason, at least a valid one, but I really can't counterattack the laze came with me when I went out of my mom's womb. ha ha!

Three years ago, I had my life planned out. Although I was easily influenced, I didn't blame my companions for what I turned into. I had vices -- I drunk and smoked -- had many "barkadas" whom I was usually with when I got out of the way to school. Mind you, I planned all the things I would need in the future. I made sure that i wouldn't be a college drop out even if I was in that disposition. I told myself, I would graduate on time and that would be by 2011 supposedly. I would work for few years after passing the board exam. I would help my family. And, and, and.... I feel like crying now.. haha!!:)).. At the age of 24, after working for two or three years, I wished to be married -- year 2014 sana. Too young for me to think of by then but that's what I wanted to happen. Unfortunately, things can't go with the way I had expected it to be. And you know, it's hard for me to adjust.


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btw, just keep on studying well!goodluck

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thank you..:)