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Friday, January 21, 2011


I still am the old kolehiyala I used to be back in 2007. Feeling proud even I know myself that I have none to brag about. So confident for the coming midterm examinations as if I have no "special exam" for prelims in my Management subject. ha-ha! LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY as they say. Right? Right!

Time goes so fast, no? Hay! I just finished my take home seat-work in my major subject Accounting 1. Yay for me! I admit that I envisage a failing grade, though. It's our (me and my classmates) very predicament to fully understand the lessons our instructor delivers, and no! She doesn't usually delivers a lecture for what she teaches us is to rely on ourselves -- self-study -- we read the book at home, and when her time for us comes, we'll ask her the topics we cannot grasp in the subjects we read. Isn't it nice of her? Whew! I'm so fed up of this routine. Well, wrong again! I am not used to reading educational books. I'd rather get a novel to kill time. Lackadaisical I am. To be a wide reader is one of the major requirements in my chosen endeavor, but how can I teach myself to do what I don't like to engage in? Haha! Then drop out, right? The best solution to rid the tiring routines of a college student. See? I really know. But I have dreams too. :(
Whether I like it or not, I MUST do what is MUST! hehe.

Last class for today, 5:30 to 7:00, Accounting 1. It's all for now. :)


Mayet said...

tiyaga lang!;) hope the exam was ok!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

You MUST. You really must.

There are things in our life that we hate to do but we must do.

I have share of those things too and I just say, "What the heck..." and do those things.

renz bacani ginez said...

thank you!!:)

thank you for the comments..

i can!:)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...