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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

trying hard to make an update:)

As some might noticed, I don't have much time to blog now or more appropriate to say, I don't often face blog sphere like before anymore for I have decided not to spend too much time browsing the internet, for good. As of now, it's a convenient time to update my blog for the second time this year -- it's my free time and we (I and my group mates) just finished our output in History.

Well, though it's a bit late to talk about, I just really want to have something to post. [In this case, I must admit that I know very little about the current events and issues happening in the country] I just read an article about the changing of tourism logo, the line Wow! Philippines (wow stands for world of wonders, of course you know that) was about to be changed into Pilipinas kay ganda. Although it was liked by many, especially by the ones of my age, I agree that changing it from "Wow! Philippines" to "Pilipinas kay ganda" wouldn't sound appropriate. Basically, because if we were to describe Philippines, the descriptive languages to be brought out would not fall under the term "ganda", and how much more with the line "kay ganda". Another reason is that, how tourist would tourist react? Of course, the question to be formulated in their minds could be "ano raw?" (in their own languages). Would you be patient enough to explain its meaning all the time?

The situational change in the tourism field was disapproved by P-Noy and some others, and it even received "rain of heckles" as it was stated in the piece I read. I wonder ir\f my co-bloggers who blogged about their approval in the said change knew about this case. I wonder if they made analysis before posting and publishing their complimenting entries. I also wonder if posting such felt so right for them (for I am hesitant in posting this one). But at one point, I admire you guys for your time to gather news updates.:)

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