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Saturday, January 01, 2011

ang aming new year..:)

December 30, 2010.. One year has passed since then kasi 2011 na oh.
The day everybody started to prepare for  New Year's Eve celebration, but it was very different at home. We almost had nothing, not even a cent we thought, for us to enjoy the coming of 2011. However, we managed not to display sadness though we really thought New Year's Eve would turn out to be an air of Good Friday, nothing to celebrate blissfully and noisily. And we had no choice rather than to accept the realization of melancholic approach of new year to us.
Then 31st of December 2010 came. I and my sisters preferred to get up very late for nothing excited us – we would not celebrate new year eh. But Mom surprised us. She came home from market holding bags of ingredients for macaroni salad and spaghetti, and a kilo of chicken meat. Of course, as what we customarily do at home, she brought home some round fruits that symbolizes money. So, our mood brightened up. Right after taking our breakfast, I and my sisters and mom helped each other in preparing the foods for media noche.
Some family members stayed at home, my sister's boyfriend stayed with us, too. We joined the countdown show of ABS-CBN, opened the stereo and made it very loud to replace firecrackers – we had it boisterously. Then when countdown was up, we went for the foods. After eating, some visitors started to come. And when it was our turn to visit houses, we chose one of my sisters' boyfriend's place.

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Yesha said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by.

I don't consider myself as a "writer". :) I just learned writing poems thru my friends. Nag-start lang sa inggit. Kaya yun. Sumubok lang din ako. :)

Anyway, interesting blog. :D