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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wala lang..:)

I have been planning to blog for my last entry this year but seems nothing comes to my mind. Not even a trifling kind that I usually blog.
Well, again, I am just trying very hard to say something now that I've got much time to stay here in front of a friend's laptop. hehe!
My friend Novi fetched me at home last night to invite me at her house. And admittedly, I dunno if I have to feel guilty for participating in such celebration we INC members do not commemorate though I intended not to really celebrate for the Christmas--birth of Jesus Christ as how other religions claim it. And as a part of the celebration, but I'd rather call it jamming with friends, we planned to have a drinking spree that unfortunately halted, and we went to sleep instead. Haha! Because we neglected to buy juice for chaser of course.
Right at this point, we--I and friends--are waiting for some blessings to fall, food to eat, beverages to drink and whatever may fall. haha.. Wala kasing handa tong pinuntahan namin. Perhaps, we'll go back to a friend's house later for the booze.  And, and, and...I really do not have something important in mind right now. I don't wanna think of the worries in school. Hay!! See, I still have notes to review para sa examination. And as school gets back on our nerves next year, there are the results of exam we have can't avoid to worry for. Hahaha..:))
Honestly, my family has bot yet planned for the New Year's Eve and I worry for this. Who would want to disregard the essence of the unfolding of another year? that's it. I always want it blissful and noisy as how you want it to be.
Very little for now pero naghihintay kasi mga barkada ko eh. haha


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Oh. Akala ko may writer's block ka. :-P

Pero nakapagsulat ka pa rin ng isang buong blog post! Hehe...

Happy New Year!

renz bacani ginez said...

wahaha...ganun talaga kuya.. i love this site kaya di mabalewala..:)

Smarla said...

okay lang yan, enjoy the holiday season na parang party lang and reunion with friends :)

happy new year!

renz bacani ginez said...

happy new year too Smarla..:)