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Friday, December 17, 2010

just an update

Preliminary examination is finally over! Oh, I am so happy now that I can start enjoying my vacation though my plans turned out undone. It doesn’t matter anyway, I will still enjoy the break – relax and brainwash myself for I wish to do good in school next year and ditch my unethical values I displayed this year inside the class.
Honestly, I never had contentment in my school performances since first semester. I can’t find reason why I tend to be too shiftless and really flaunted a prosaic mind – I was as if starting in school as illiterate. God! All I always wished was to get a “passing grade” instead of obtaining “high”. And know what, I should not have waited for someone to suggest me to “aim” at least to dig up place in dean’s list. Err. Furthermore, there are some who expect much from me but unfortunately, I seem to be neglectful of their attention.
Anyway, I have so much in mind right now but I remember the party I have to attend at the top floor of our boarding house. Err. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to blog next time I open my account. And oops, one thing I want to admit is that I am running out of terms to use kaya medyo hindi na naman masabi ang ninanais – English and tagalog terms alike, nawawala sa sistema ko. Haha. Slow!:)


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Isa lang ibig sabihin nito. Kailangan mo ng pahinga. ^_^

Sakto at Christmas break na. Merry Christmas!

renz bacani ginez said...

merry new year..haha..
happy new year po..:)

Smarla said...

break muna! :) next few days mo na muna isipin yung school :)

merry christmas!

renz bacani ginez said...

tamaa!!! happy new year.. hehe..

we don't celebrate christmas eh..