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Friday, November 12, 2010

this day

This is such a wonderful day! Wee!!! We had an impromptu speech in our English 1b subject, tapos na ako last week pa, voluntary ang pag-recite and even marked “VERY GOOD” (caps-locked pa talaga nu?). A classmate had pulled out a piece of question that went like, “What is an ideal woman for you?”  After he declaimed, I asked our instructor, “Ma’am, do you believe that an ideal man or woman can be made?” She seemed not to grasp the question so for clarity, “An author said that one can make his or her ideal man or woman.” She threw me another question, “What is your ideal man?” Of course, I am always true even in not-so-serious discussions. I honestly and proudly answered, “Mapute, matalino , matangkad—at least 5’8”, hindi baduy at ayoko ng masyadong seryoso.” Then there’s this Mr. M.M (matangkad at maputi) in the class. Pinapansin ba naman. Tumayo tapos kantyawan, tawanan mga klasmeyts namin. Pero isa lang naman tong nakakatuwang nangyari this day.
Yun lang naman. But here’s one of the changes in my usual routine that I should have started but just planned to begin on Monday.
Darating na kasi yung libro namin next week. Kelangang magbasa-basa so I will have to minimize my time in blogging and in all the stuffs similar to this.
Bale, weekly updates na lang ang gagawin ko.
Heto naman yung wish ko for myself, ang kayaning magseryoso sa pag-aaral..:)


Dhianz said...

lab koh entries moh... parang diary lang... sige sige... aral muna bago blogging... unless u can budget to do both.. ingatz... Godbless!

renz bacani ginez said...

thank you dhianz.. yeah of course.. i can still manage to update my blog.. from now on, i will have a weekly update instead.. Godbless!!