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Sunday, November 14, 2010

another challenge

School circumstances have been so uncompromising for me or maybe I just have an uncompromising disposition that worth the blame. I keenly bring to mind the hurry-scurry outset of my second semester. I know that I can’t reproach somebody or a thing for being too unprepared during those first three days of school but I hardly make out what I should have done or what I misguidedly done that brought about immense aggravation.
November 2, Tuesday, I was so enthused in making a précis of my Accounting subject as a component of my scheme for this semester but then, my phone beeped. I thought it was just another frivolous text message I frequently receive. It was a note from Sarah, informing me about the start of classes—November 4 which is far from November 15 as what I expected. This handed me pressure for I had to pack my things and travel back to Bayombong at full tilt. My God! I just started off systematizing my plans for school concerns. As anticipated, pressure wrenched my physical and mental verve. Battling with this tricky situation is a serious matter for I know that I should push back and not let my endeavors be outdone.
I recently read a line from a book that emotions are more powerful than excellence (I am a typical student). Interrogating the subject matter, I asked myself, “Would it be possible to fight emotions and let my philosophy in all aspects of life, or at least, for some, overflow?” I am gonna find the answer myself—sort of self-discovery. I am certain that what overpower my intellectuality—especially when it comes to decision-making—are my emotions. I set forth almost everything that satiates my nonsensical indulgences.
To sum it up, it is just one of the challenges of my self-fulfillment and at the same time, self-discovery, for my self-improvement.
Here are the factors I have set up and will try hard to make it a customary to adhere.
o   “Wala ng bukas.” –doing what is must for the now.
o   Study first before anything else. –of course, this rule has an exception. I must put God first before anything else. It would alter my time to blog but it doesn’t matter as long as it will help me reach to where I should be.
o   Take time to read. To become a wide-reader I think is compulsory in the sense of wanting to do well in my chosen line.
o   Meditation. I am the type who spoils much time in mulling over any circumstances. However, there should be time-limit. I’ll do it at least when situation requires it.

Hard-work, perseverance and strength of mind will do!
Oh! I’ll miss everything in this world—FaceBook, blog, networks, everything!
‘Til my next update.


elpi said...

good luck on your challenges!! Hope you feel better right now. As what I've said, pray. He will help you
happy healh pad

renz bacani ginez said...

thank you.. please pray for me too..:)