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Friday, October 29, 2010

momentous day

I just made an effort to get here at the computer shop in order to update my blog though I have nothing much to say. I actually wanted to make an update last Wednesday while I was teaching my sister-in-law on how to use messenger but my friends followed me here at the net café and invited me to jam with them.
Last Tuesday, I went to Bayombong and enrolled for the second semester. I was touched when I met up with my friends/classmates along the covered walk and each of them gave me a not-so-big hug. They were happy to see me and it was such a fortunate moment for me.
Even before school year 2010-2011 began, I had wished to be in the block A class for the second semester and I just honestly found a way to get in. and I made it! My classmates showed their support and I wanna thank them for believing that I can do far better than what I had shown them during the first semester. They even gave me sermons as one of them said, “Next sem ate, wala ng jamming jamming. Magbasa-basa ka na lang.” They may be younger than I for them to reprimand me like a kid but I appreciate their support and trust in what I can do.
As of now, I am just hopped-up for the start of real challenge. And I just want to share that we are preparing for a celebration for my mom’s birthday. For the first time, neighbors will see our family complete—the Ginez family, created by Mr. Federico Ginez and Mrs. Leonida Bacani, with their nine fruits. I will try to blog about it.:)

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