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Sunday, October 31, 2010

a date to remember

It’s already 3AM here in the Philippines. Updating my blog even nothing seems come to my mind right at this very moment.
Saturday (October 30)…
It was such a busy day for the whole family. We were on the go preparing for mom’s birthday celebration and blessing bash for our newly opened water refilling station. Even neighbors and friends joined and helped us in the preparation of foods. I can’t narrate much about the foods but one thing is for sure, everyone got full.
God continues showering us with blessings. What I ask Him is that He may continue guiding us and with His mighty hands, we may not depart from the right path and that the blessings He just bestowed upon us would be utilized in glorifying Him.
Oops!!! I almost forgot what really made me blissful and blessed this day. I don’t know if it was a luck or what but I like to say that I have been granted a wish to be with the whole family made this date worth-remembering. For the first time in my 20 years of existence befell this momentous treasured memory.
Another one that made my night mirthful though partly somber,
My sisters invited their boyfriends in the celebration. This Vinnie guy, my sis Rhae’s boy, jokingly told me, “Kawawa naman si Pen oh! Walang pair.” Guess what my response was! Being far from my man who’s in abroad, but still loyal to my second boyfriend, it makes no sense to fool around. Well, I jokingly said but seriously said that they’ll meet my man when we will have our marriage vows. Ha-ha!

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