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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Back to school

Just got here in Bayombong.

I am not yet ready for the second semester for I thought classes will begin on Monday and not tomorrow. I was still making a summary of our major subject yesterday which is a part of my preparation for this semester and I must admit that I felt excitement--excitement that was gone when I received a message from my former classmates announcing the start of classes. I can say that I had plans as schooling gets back on my nerves though not well-planned for I failed to make an organized concepts I will have to venture.

As for now, I must get over with this hang-up of being insignificantly frustrated. I have to adjust! Get back to being inspired, do what is must and should not let peevishness prevail.

I'm not yet acquainted with college stuffs--what to do now? Argh..

Tomorrow will be another beginning of my race and I am not able to know beforehand what lies ahead. I know, shoestring life will undoubtedly come my way but I must have learned from the past to remain composed despite the bad situation.

Things I have learned during my first four months of being away from home, family and high school peers:

  • * self-possession..

I'm still learning to calm down when I can't get what I want and don't meet my expectations.

  • * saying sorry..

to apologize is the least thing I could do even it's me who worth the blame or who made a damage. Somehow, God let me learn and still letting me learn.

  • * doing house chores for my own..

Since I have no one to command to get me this or that, no one to ask to buy me a food, mom isn't around to do the cooking each meal time and I don't have my own washing machine to do my laundry faster and easier, I have learned to be slightly independent and do things myself--to hand-wash, prepare my food, organize my things and so on.

This is all for now.:)

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