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Friday, October 15, 2010


Final examinations for this semester is finally over. We had just taken our CWTS examination this morning and we are just given time to finish all the requirements in this subject. done doing my PDI here at E-library.
Yesterday was such a fun. After we had checked our test papers in Finance 101, we  agreed to have a jamming. I, together with my other eight classmates went to Solano. Masaya was the perfect word that could describe the experience. The soon-to-be-lovers, Charly and Hazel were the first to get to our meeting place at a catholic church of Solano. I actually planned to give them time for each other (privacy), for them to talk about whatever they have. Then we followed them there. Decided to drop by at a supermarket nearby--Savemore. Lots of tripping, jesting and all of such a crazy stuffs came in our mind. Trying the free taste of new products here and there. I remember calling Romiel, "tatay" the entire night as a part of the joke then he would answer me "anak". Going over the kid's milk section of the supermarket like a mom or dad with their kids choosing a brand of milk, "daddy, eto ang gusto ko." one would exclaim. "Anak, mahal yan. Meron namang gatas si Ate mo, humingi ka na lang sa kanya." (it's green) answered the other.
We spent almost half an hour at the supermarket only to get to an agreement to buy just two bottles of two-liter soft drinks, a pack of chocolate and another bar of chocolate. This pair of soon-to-be-lovers was planning to buy a kilo of chooks-to-go but then came this Mr. Intelihente and guided us along in going to a lomi house and ordered for a bowl of beef lomi for each of us instead. Took funny group pictures. It was such a remarkable bonding indeed. Everyone of us exerted effort to have time for this jamming.
After having a bowl of lomi, we then had to call it a night but nah. Before going back here in bayombong, we tried the kids ride at the children park of solano first. It was so much fun!

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