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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

From a simple discussion

Who would deny his/her excitement for this coming sem-break? Especially for those who are slothful like me? No worry, next week will be our last week for this semester here in school then worries will be over.
We will have our final exams so we should have started hitting the books, go over our notes--review, review and review for us to pass the exam. What do you think will be the result of your class standing? Fair? Good? Excellent? Or are you preparing yourself to hear the worst, "needs improvement"? Will the evaluation go this way? I really have no idea. Well, 'tis actually not what I want to talk about here.
Last Monday, on our Filipino class,I was struck by the simple discussion. The very first days of school, I was so glad to be back in college. I was no doubt so excited in every subject. Excited to meet new friends and new instructors. Sadly, my excitement unexpectedly gone and since then, this very thought that real challenge is not yet here then why would I ever concentrate in my academics? Why would I worry? That's just one of the reasons why I take my studies so easily. What I also had in mind was that, I was so unmotivated due to lack of internal inspiration.
Thanks God, from a simple discussion, it has changed. I was enlightened. Why am I here at SMU? To pursue my chosen endeavor of course. For whom? Simply, not for myself alone but for my family.
From now on, I would gladly take every risk that schooling would give me for my family. Most especially for my mom. She's my most precious inspiration.
My mom had not finished college. Not even elementary but I never ashamed of that. I love her. But you know I never have tried telling her so. Neither have I let her feel how much she means to me.
I wanna thank that remarkable Monday afternoon for it was then that I finally found my way. For my mom, without her, I am not here today. Not a million thanks would do to express my gratification. How can I pay for all her sacrifices? I'll fulfill my aspirations for her. And for a woman who always do me a favor, I don't promise to be a perfect daughter but I guarantee my self-improvement.
Next time, I'll make a post about our mom-daughter relationship.

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