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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Conversation with a guy I admire

Yesterday, while we were on our Math class, this classmate I admire sat beside me. After a while, he said, "Hala Ate Pen, ma-mi-miss kita." Then he added, "Agahan mo mag-enroll next sem para magkaklase pa rin tayo." Of course, I agreed with his idea.
He's just naturally sweet. I really admire him fact that, everyone in the class recognizes his intellectuality. "Intelihente" indeed! Well, that's it.
This morning, on our Science class, I sat beside him. I don't know if it was a part of his joke though. He told me, "Ang ganda-ganda mo, ang cute-cute mo, ang liit mo pa." I answered him as if it was a joke. Then he added, "Ang liit mo pa. Para kang barbie na kontrabida." That what exactly made me laugh. He's practically a good joker eh.
After our class; as we were walking along the covered walk, he made a gesture as if he were to hug me then unexpectedly kissed me on my head--so sweet of him. After a while he said, "Parang na-i-infatuate ako sa'yo." I just smiled. "para kasing nakaka-amaze ka tignan." he followed. What would I answer?
I mean nothing in posting this one. It just actually reminded me of someone. It's somewhat I've found "another HIM" in his person. Someone who shows appreciation, you know. Whom I'd throw another appreciation--exchange of appreciation but no more than that.
Honestly, I am so flattered whenever someone says compliments to me. That's only it. Oh, I can't get over huh.
BTW, I have already found my man so please, don't give it a meaning.

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