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Sunday, October 03, 2010


It's still an hour before my afternoon classes start.
As I was on my way here at Apo Pilo, I noticed a group of students all in their proper uniform and they're all neatly-looking. Guess what I am saying? My eyes were looking for someone. I'm so eager to see that someone around but inside these four months of first semester, I have seen him only once. I was the one who asked him to keep distance from me, I asked him not to talk with me anymore, not to send me messages. What's hurting here is that he followed what I really do not want him to do. Then a thought that he doesn't care for me at all formed in my mind. The fact that I asked him a favor but he seemed to ignore my need. Was I wrong in my decision to cut our communication? I really do not know. At one point, it helped me get-over my hang-up he caused.
I'm sorry, I am interrupted by a destructive mammal here. I forgot what I wanted to write here. Hate that DESTRUCTIVE MAMMAL!!!

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