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Sunday, October 17, 2010

capital "B" for bathoom..:)

It was just last Friday that I felt so happy, blessed and it really was a mirthful moment with my few classmates. We celebrated for something not-so-special. We enjoyed each other's company and made a memorable bonding that had made our first semester worth remembering.
A thought occurred to me, "tomorrow or the day after it might come a crestfallen experience." Then really here I am. This doomed feeling had started yesterday and I couldn't help but cry my heart out to lighten up my encumbered spirit. Being in a shoestring is practically a challenge, most especially because it is so new to me.
A Filipino belief as goes, "saya ngayon, bukas makalawa problema naman" for it has been clearly observed by many, though scientists would definitely do not give an effort to study about, I really believe in it. But why is so this happens? Well, like in spiritual beliefs, it cannot be scientifically studied.
Really was so down and depressed just a while back. Throwing my pillows there, messing up the whole room and fixed it up after a few minutes—my coping mechanism when cheerless moments like this come. I vividly call to mind what all I wanted to do—to go very far as I could possibly do—to escape a problem. I would say that I was thinking of doing rebellious deed. I really am easily gets blue and instead of assuming great moves to get over such circumstances, I often almost kill myself with such devilish imaginations that I would faultily identify as the "answer". It's so bad of me to think of.
BUT, just an observation in me, when times like this come, taking a shower or being inside the bathroom rather, would be a perfect means for me to find a solution to get out of despair. I was just so unflinchingly visualizing of going away then decided to have a shower to freshen up myself. Maybe it's really not my habit to wash for almost an hour (sometimes, I exceed an hour), what takes me long inside the room is that I find it (being inside the bathroom) helpful to meditate good moves. Amazing is it! And I really love it. I even got to the point that I compared this instance to a friend. A helping hand of a friend can't be always around, when I badly need someone to confide in and cannot find one, there is my best friend—the bathroom. Nice, isn't it? Best friend is not only applicable to humans, to a favorite pet or thing, mine is a proof that it can be a part of the whole. :)

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