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Thursday, September 23, 2010

nothing important actually:)

Hey guys! How are you? Well, I was just surprised to know that I have lot of readers here. I wanna thank everyone who keeps visiting my page. Thank you guys! I love it. You know guys, this blog is intended for, well, nothing in particular but I really am surprised that there are some who waste time on reading my posts. I really love it. I just made this blog, like what I have said, to write here what I can’t express verbally. As you can notice, most of my posts aren’t worth sharing.
This day? Nothing  significant happened. I just can’t forget what happened at Apo Pilo this afternoon. I and my classmates were on the go for our research. We really busied ourselves through research—copy-pasting, editing, you know. Just a few minutes, we were almost done. The lights went off and just a few seconds, there the computer units went off too—power went out.
Another nakaka-badtrip, I opened my yahoo account to check new mails—a hundred new mails, thousand unopened. I was sending my reply to one of the messages I received then power power power went out! My goodness.

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