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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

finally, just finally :)

Weh!! Finally, finally, finally! I have moved to my new boarding house. I actually packed my things I had to bring with me in a rush last night. I didn’t even mind my new board mates’ question—they were wondering why I moved at night if in the first place I can move during daytime. Finally, I am able to sleep soundly and peacefully.
My classmates told me that I look depressed—maybe because I was deprived of rest these past two nights plus the worries in school. On Monday, I woke up early and prepared for school an hour before my first class just to do my assignments only, our instructor did not asked us to pass them all when I exerted much much effort just to finish them for me to pass them on time since we were instructed to submit them by Monday. Whew! The following day, today (Tuesday), we (10 of us I guess) share only one bathroom in the boarding house so I had to wake up very early to prepare for my 7AM class for us not to race with the use of the bathroom. Churva! After taking my lunch, I went to my bed right away to take forty-winks. Kelangan ko pang bawiin mga pagpupuyat ko. :)

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