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Sunday, September 12, 2010

just a work of imagination

As I can vividly recall, I and a friend had a nostalgic reminiscence of the good old times with our past boyfriends and best friend (best guy friend actually) then off to bed. I was so sleepy but as I lied down in my bed, my world descended. There were many things in my mind but what I really wanted at the very moment was to rest. I really do not know why my sleepiness went away. After an hour or two of just lying down, sleep finally came over me.

Here how the terrible night occurred.

I got up from bed at around 3AM to get something in my bag. Then, went back to my bed to sleep again. As I lied back down, I felt that someone was moving my bed as if there was an earthquake. I ignored it but I I admit it scared me to death. My heartbeat went faster and faster and faster. Then another terrifying point, when I was calmed, there was something went under my bed. This something lifted my foam bed. My God! My heartbeat again went faster and faster and faster, it was scarier—Iwas dead scared. Only, even if someone manages to hide under my bed, he would no way lift my foam. Whew! What a work of imagination but whether it was just my playful imagination or not, TAKOT na talaga ako sa boarding. Admittedly, I even didn't go upstairs since I left for school this morning.

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