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Friday, September 24, 2010

an incomplete thought

It's just an ordinary day but welcome weekends—it's what we, students (not all of us) love, rest day, time for gimmicks, relaxation and for some, time for house chores.
It's vacant time and we usually spend our free time here at Apo Pilo, making research, checking new mails on yahoo, reading blog posts and so on.
I'm just in mood to update my blog though I don't have much to say. Just want to share what happened in our English class today. Our topic was about MAKING INFERENCE/DRAWING PREDICTIONS. It's an individual recitation presented in front of the class. We showed cartoon drawings from newspaper editorials. Mine was a picture of two opposing parties about sex education. The Education sector that wishes to offer sex education and the church that contradicts it. My inference was that, for the education sec, it would be a help to teach sex education to students regardless of the age for them to attain proper values. On the other hand, for the church, it wouldn't be the answer and it would just lead them (students) to promiscuity.
Well, talking of values, where does it really learned and how does it developed? Fact is, it begins with the family, we inherit our parents values whether bad or good. Family plays the fundamental role in shaping our characters. We are called liars because it is what we learned from our family. We can be of good disposition because we are taught the right way. Guys, I don't say that, development of our characters begins and ends to where we're first taught—inside the family. There is no such perfect family ties. What we become of is the result of our thinking, reactions towards circumstances (bitter or not), influences from companions and modernization of our world BUT what can make us wholesome and good is our relationship to God. We should put God in the center of our lives.
Family, friends and this world are what influence one's values and character BUT if you are aware that you are out of the line, then find a way to get back to the right path.
Just a hanging thought. :)

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