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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

week long vacation in Pangasinan

October 29, 2009 (Thursday). We left house at past 9am and got to Santiago City at around 10am. We got on board at an ordinary bus liner immediately. After 7 hours, we reached Rosales. Another 30-45 minutes, we finally got to our destination, Sta. Maria, Pangasinan.
We stayed at the rest house (Uncle Choy and family’s residential house). I thought I’d be frazzled with boredom but I had my stay really “sulit”.
October 30 (Friday). We (me and my two older sisters) ourselves for the registration in comelec but numerous registrants were at the comelec office, registering of course, so we decided to take the last hour of registration for the day. That day was my nephew Leonard’s seventh birthday so we spent our day at their house until 7pm (the celebration was held at night). After taking our dinner, we headed no town hall, newly built townhall.
We took a tour and took pictures in some corners. If you’re inside the building, you won’t say it’s a town hall, you’d rather say you’re inside a residential house. We enjoyed our night and I couldn’t help but marvel at the success and beauty of the place.
After the tour, we then went to the comelec office to register.:))

November 2. four of us went back home.
[can’t show the photos, I haven’t uploaded them yet..:((]

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