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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She Copped Champion

Let me introduce "she" first. She's Justine Ericz Ginez Tapang, my oldest sibling's second daughter who's now in fourth year high school and a candidate for valedictorian.

On October, she participated in Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) held at Pinaripad National High School and joined photo journalism and news writing as her events. she luckily bagged second place in photo journalism and third place in news writing english cathegory and qualified for Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) that was held in Ilagan, Isabela last month (November). Again, she must have a victory party for the reason she copped first place in photo journalism english cathegory and received a trophy.

She reached the top!
She will be representing our region (Region II: Cagayan Valley Region) in National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) which will be held in Davao on February 2010.
Imagine a first timer?
Well, just like my sisters as well as my parents, certainly, I'm just a proud tita>:))


Jez said...

Aww.. I also used to join press cons back in HS. Was also able to compete for the regionals :)

I'm sure you're soooo proud of her.

pen_04 said...

partly proud and partly envious for the reason i failed to make my parents proud of me..haha