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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today I Will Judge Nothing That Occurs

This is just a share of thought I've got in a book 'LOVE IS LETTING GO OF FEAR' by GERALD G. JAMPOLSKY.

Last month (September), I read the book from cover-to-cover but of course, with several pauses. Just as usual, I slipped through it, turning its pages, skipping every uninteresting detail, diving in a page that could catch my interest and there, the subject of thought (TODAY I WILL JUDGE NOTHING THAT OCCURS), attracted my eyes and so, I started reading the book at the page right away.

I like the short paragraph that says, "Not judging others is another way of letting go of fear and experiencing Love. When we learn not to judge others--and totally ACCEPT them and NOT WANT to change them--we can simultaneously learn to accept ourselves." I think, it's a big help for our self-transformation or changing our behavior into better one.

According to the author, everything we think, do and say reacts on us like a boomerang. On my own words, what we give is what we get. When we give off or send out judgments of any form, they come back to us. When we give away ONLY LOVE, it also comes back to us. Which one do you prefer then?=)
Let's say for instance, I once clashed with someone, I spoke out criticisms and judgments against her and so, I received the same thing from her. I hate it! I realized I should not have spoke out such judgments and criticisms against her.
Who would want to be judged and criticized, anyway? None, no one, agree? I guess you do. So now, be willing to forebear making judgment of any form--criticism, fury or any attack thoughts. Stop sending out condemning judgments against anyone you meet or even think about. See them as either extending love or sending out a call for help which is a request for love.
You might think and say that being non-judgmental is impossible and is a very difficult task. However, our willingness in practicing being this way is a necessity. Don't you think it's our way to self-transformation?

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