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Monday, June 27, 2011

sa tingin mo?:P

I am just stuck with the story we viewed this morning as part of our general psychology subject lecture.

It was a real story that displayed how young and juvenile youths were deprived of their rights as children--of their right to live their lives as real kids--to have fun and to pursue education.

I thought I can consider myself as one of the poorest citizens of this country but having watched such a story made me realize how far lucky I am compared to them. I admit, I really see life so tough and hard and challenging that sometimes, I would think of giving up instead of going on. It seems that life really goes unfair. Why is it that some could easily get anything they wish of having and do what they wish of doing and yet, here I am, one of those unfortunate for not having this kind of privilege. Somehow, I am thankful to have this realization that I am just being unreasonable in my way of thinking. So what, if I am not showered with earthly possessions? Like the lads who worked hard in the movie just to get going amidst the difficult toil they were into, life's uncertainties shouldn't stop me from dreaming that one day, I can attain the life I aim for.
For the time being, I may find it hard to ease away the pangs of envy I feel whenever I see my high school batch-mates who are already through with the hardships a college life brings about, I should not let it bring me down.
Back to the film we watched. There were boys and girls alike ranging 13 to 15 years old who, if not personally chosen to engage in a sort of farm works, were forced by their parents to leave school and go with them to find money meager to cover the debt of the family.
It may be a pitiful reality of my existence though, I admit that I can't recall a moment where either of my mom or dad taught me how to do house chores, or how to be courteous. I grew up in my own ways, of course with the help of environmental causes. When I was still an innocent kid, I would just do whatever I thought I could then when a point came that my parents would notice I got in the wrong track then time for them to rebuke me but the sad part was that I could not grasp why they say or do this or that. Can you imagine? It resulted to unmotivated me. Yes, the unmotivated me. The point in relation to the youths in the film is that how come I am weak-spirited compared to them who were raised poorly yet, they could still manage to portray a happy life? Poorly in the sense that they hardly enter school, they ate lesser than enough and worst, they themselves worked for their own when in fact, they should just enjoy being kids as how exactly kids of their age live.
On the other hand, it simply proves how poor Filipinos can be. I just do not know who worth the blame for the population of poor Filipino citizens. The government or the parents themselves?


glentot said...

I love watching movies during class hehehe

Prop said...

Hi, I feel sad reading your post, but I am happy that in your own way, you are able to realize your weaknesses and strength. Whatever your parents must have missed imparting on you, I am sure you can compensate for it, you have the capacity to do it, because you are a survivor.

May I ask, why your parents seem remiss of their obligation?

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Going to school or not going to school is not a measurement in contentment in life. I believe that some of the movies or documentaries about poor people biased to show the negative side of those people's lives The directors and producers of these docu already have a direction where they want the "story" of their documentary will go.

As for me, there is no problem if you are not college graduate. Having a diploma does not mean that you will have a prosperous life.