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Sunday, December 05, 2010

it helps

I had so much thought in mind yesterday. I wanted to scribble them down but as I face the computer unit and opened the Microsoft word, they were gone. It's actually happens most of the time I have significant ideas and I have no choice rather than writing trifling and weird ones. I cannot appreciate this and coping with it sometimes drives me crazy and freak out. So what I did yesterday to lessen the stress, I set aside what I wanted to write and check mails, spoiled my time in facebook etc. after an hour, I decided to take my dinner. I wasn't satisfied with my meal but since two orders would surely burst my stomach, I left the restaurant with my stomach still needy.
I couldn't make out what I wanted at that very point of of my life; I couldn't grasp any worthwhile thought, and it really made me cranky. Unexpectedly, I found myself browsing the bible and slipping through the pages of the book of Genesis (meaning of it is origins or beginnings). I started my readings at chapter 12, “Tinawag ng Dios si Abram”. But I couldn't stand my craving stomach so I went to ask for Charly's comnpany. Another problem was that I couldn't specify what I wanted to eat so we agreed to stroll until we ended up choosing one of the coffee coolers. Then after having some refreshment (instead of snack), we went back to our respective boardinh houses.
I went back to my readings, and followed chapters 1 to 4 of the same book, about the creation theory and some others. In that siutuation, I realized how enlightening it is to read words of God. I had always ignored this stuff before and believe it or not, I would always get the lowest score when it comes to bible quizzes. Last friday, err. It really helps, this is all I wanna share for now.:)

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