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Friday, December 03, 2010

Disaster day and my wish..:)

This day…
This day… well, went as just how my day usually goes, I think it’s appropriate to call it a disaster day! Ha-ha! I’m gonna start narrating from the very first second of it.
The morning disarray that greeted me as I opened my eyes this morning is still so clear in my mind's eye. Firstly, the thought that my assignments I hadn’t yet finished which should be submitted this day forced me to get up early and prepare for school. Plus it was my duty to clean our boarding house! All I could utter was “SHIT”!!!  Secondly, in my very first subject for the day at 10:00AM, our instructor gave us a surprise quiz—BIBLE QUIZ! Ano’ng alam ku doon? I admit I got zero!!!! I left all the test questions unanswered but still lucky I was for we all got zero. Ha-ha. The instruction was: “mind your own paper” but some of my classmates were noticed to be comparing their answers to others. Simple follow they cannot instruction! Ha-ha! Thirdly, I was at Apo Pilo e-library finishing my work in science, when I was about to print the output, power went out. Grr…
And anyway, I am, too, inspired to write about my wish list for I observed that many of my co-bloggers already posted theirs. Ehe! My wish list not for Christmas but for NEW YEAR. Ha-ha. Maybe you noticed that I say “WISH” instead of new year’s resolution (la unay!), discover the reason yourself—if you know the difference of the terms “resolution” and “wish”, then I bet you figure out what I denote.
There’s one thing that sums it up. It is to treat my studies seriously. I wish I could change and shun all my unethical habits regarding school as this year comes to its end—I should not be texting inside the class; I should avoid having my snack during lecture to mention some. Hehe. Patago naman po yan.
This is all for now. Next time ulit.

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