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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

i can't decide

I was walking back to my boarding house, as I turned to the quatervois I had to take, someone who was behind me uttered a greeting, “Hi Pen!” then I turned around to see who was it—one of the lasses I just met somewhere—then another shouting voices, “Pen! Pen!”, oh my friends were calling me even they're on the other lane (as they habitually do when they see me).

And as I would always do as a response, I strode over to where they were and didn't notice that a car was coming. I was almost hit! Thanks God for the car stopped right on my face. People were shouting in worry. What a shame!---Haha! This scene is what I exactly imagine whenever I walk down any street.


Been planning to make an update but so unfortunate of me that I really dunno how to form all the things I have in mind. It's like I am staring into the nothingness of the sky with my absent mind. I hate this!

All I can share now is the decision-making process I am into. It's about my major subject, Accounting 1. Like what I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, our professor Mr. Eduardo Susi who happened to have stimulating strategy in delivering his lectures, will soon be replaced in his schedule to our class. I had this idea of transferring to his first class at 7-8:00AM. The problem is that I would not want to race (in the use of bathroom) with my board-mates who also have 7AM classes , especially with the two medical students who often have hospital duties at daytime. I have made up my mind, I'd like to try our new instructor, if I would click in her ways, then no need to follow Mr. Susi. Hehe!:)


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I wish you gooluck. ingat sa pagtawid. :]

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