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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just got back to school and went straight here at e-library. Will transfer to Apo Pilo when my time credit is up.

I ain't feeling well. Seems like fever is going to hit me at this point. Wnew!!!

Can't forget the gal I passed by a few minutes back. The stout school girl who was as if examining me from my head to shoes. Shit! naiinis talaga ako. Tignan ko din kaya pataas-pababa.


Wala akong maisip. School matters really gets on my nerves. So depressing to think of and do too seriously. I am not used to reading educational books but it's a part of being in the School of Accountancy. Mi gulay!!! Kelangang mag-adjust.

Tama na muna ang reklamo...

Yesterday, when I was about to log out my FaceBook account, I remembered to search for our NSTP instructors name for she asked us to add her on our friends' list. When I was done clicking the "add friend" button, I found myself typing another name. My childhood best friend's name--Jessa... Perhaps, still hopelessly hopeful. I dunno if you understand the feeling. Almost gave up searching but I am really eager to know her again. Imagine, been looking for her on the internet for a more than a year now then I unexpectedly found myself searching for her name again yesterday. Pramis!!! Blessing yun. Halos maiyak pa ko. When the result appeared, I told myself "wala talaga". Then there, di ku akalaing di pa rin nagbabago mukha niya after a good 13 years now. Sent her a message pero gang ngayon la pa reply. Anyway, we were best friends (I dunno if she still considers me as one up to now) in the year 1997 when I studied in West Central School in Pangasinan. We parted ways when I asked my parents to bring me back in Quirino, my Mom's place, where I continued my primary education.

There are lots of memories worth looking back to in those times we were together. Iiyak na ako.. ahaha!!

Til here muna. Lapse na credit ko eh.. take care folks!!:)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jessa remembers you. I had this bestfriend of mine back in my childhood days, I found him in FB too, and that was just great! Hope you find each other too soon! :]

rico de buco said...

baka po insecure ung babae..dont be affected. ur pretty kaya taasan mo nlng ng kilay hehehe

rico here tnx for following

renz bacani ginez said...

@iprovoked, yeah.. hopefully.. she had not replied on my message yet eh..

@rico de buco, ehe!!! wow naman.. welcome po..:)