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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Accountancy Week

I woke up at around 5am this day. Got prepared for the SoA (School of Accountancy) parade happened this morning around town from 7am until 8. Well, I ain't familiar with the places here in Bayombong eh.
I dunno why we had to do the parade. See, it was just a disturbance on motorists part. Mga pasaway kasi ang mga nagparade (Accountancy students). We were instructed to use one lane so the other would be used by motorists then they occupied the whole way. PASAWAY!!!!
We will celebrate our departmental week until Saturday (July 17). Honestly, I ain't excited for it. Why? I can't feel my part of being in the SoA. haha:D PLUS I ain't even aware of the activities to be happened. I dunno if it is because I ain't responsible or it's just kinda unorganized program. Ayun! I'll try to blog the whole story soon as the program finished.

PS: violet kasi ang color code naming mga first year.:)

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