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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magbago ka na kasi..

I don't have much to say, and neither do i have something significant in mind right now.
Tomorrow will be the first day of final examination and yet, I haven't began going through my notes as if the lessons are all fresh in my mind. In fact, it's almost right to say that nothing retains in my memory. I dunno what I have to go through first before learning to prioritize my studies. I admit, giving my best never crossed my mind throughout the whole school year. My friend Charly always reminded me but I was such a deaf. I didn't give importance to any of his advices, I still went on with my insignificant stuffs and nonsense routine -- putting unnecessary things first before education. I only thought of getting passing grades instead of high ones. And again, I am rueful about my performance for the whole school year. Imagine, my brother and my parents as well expect much from me but I failed them. If only I did my best, I would have met their expectations. Hay! I feel like I am the worst creation to be deplored in the whole universe. Grr.. Failing in some of my subjects I think would mean losing their trust in me. REPENTANCE ALWAYS COMES LAST!!!!

Advice of a friend is to admit in front of my family all my misdeeds and besides, it's not too late for me to change said he. But you know guys, I think I can't do it. One reason is that, they might upbraid me which is the least thing I would wish to happen.

I am not letting myself learn, I know. I feel like a waste, such a waste!:(



The Gasoline Dude said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you've started realizing your shortcomings. You can still change and improve for the better.

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Take it easy miss.

Hindi mo agad mababago ang sarili mo. Dapat unti-unti mo. Kung ano yung kaya mong baguhin, yun muna. Dahil kung minadali mo ang lahat, talagang ma-frustrate ka lang.

Artiemous said...

dahan dahan lang... wag mo madaliin ang mga bagay bagay. sabi nga eh kalma ka lang hindi lahat eh nadadaan sa biglaan. chillax lang :)