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Friday, November 19, 2010


Another tiring school day is over. Just want to share the joy I am in now.
I am so inspired…
And it’s a blessing…
I feel so blessed…
We did some accounting stuffs this night and I did my work so enthusiastically. Whether or not what’s happening to me is a miracle, I feel like celebrating for it. I am so happy for this.
I would want to call it a gift which would bring out my strength, faith in what I can do and direct me in my race.
Hopefully, it will be the beginning of serious effort.
Hopefully, I won’t be wrong in my outlooks of this sudden change.
Hopefully, I can’t be wrong in seeing this as an opportunity—opportunity I have to grab, and opportunity that would bring me to success.
I might encounter failures in my way ahead but….
Hopefully, this inception would bring out the best in me.
Hopefully, it is now the answer of my prayers—motivation.
I believe though that in education, it is still best to let yourself learn.
Being in college, we encounter more thorough and harder learning process than what we had witnessed in primary and high school, but letting ourselves become mature in thinking and in doing will be the solution to pass this chapter of our lives.
We may encounter problems, trials and slip-ups in the future, but may those ingredients of life help us grow, stronger and more determined to go on in this earthly journey.
This is all for now.
‘til my next post.


Will said...

Hey wassup? Galingan mo sa school! :D

renz bacani ginez said...

salamat po..:)