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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do I need one?

Every time anyone asks me kung may boyfriend daw ba ako. My answer always goes, "wala. Three years ng wala.." Well, it is true. I had my first boyfriend three years ago and the second one? I haven't met him yet. Haha! Seriously, 'yung mga "bata" kasi, di naniniwala. I mean, my classmates who often ask me about it. (I am three or four years ahead of them). Kung bakit ko naman binabanggit to? Kasi naman, noon ko pa napapansin. Very reason why I have not entered any serious relationship since I broke up with my first boyfriend, Ronald. Men gave me reasons not to trust them. No matter how I wish, how I want to try another relationship, I can't and I just really can't. My mind and my hypothalamus??? haha.... contradicts each other. I have had some prospects and I found one I really wanted to give a chance but my mind shouts???? haha!!! I can't be certain what words formed at the back of my mind but it told me that I should not take the feeling seriously.

Well, here are some of the reasons why guy, man, boy or whatever you call yourself human being who is my opposite. (ha-ha!)

  • When I had my first affair with a guy, this RJ moron has another girl who happened to be my schoolmate. It was when I was a senior high school.
  • When I met Mr. AC, he went too close to me and unexpectedly, I fell for him only to know that he loved another girl who happened to be one of our common friends.
  • I have met guys who talked of nothing but flesh satisfaction. They are so sensual! They even frankly told me what they have a deeper and intimate affair with me!! that's bullshit!
  • I just recently had an affair with a man who always doubt me as a flirt. My God! (Nasa mukha ko ba?)
  • I even met a man who told me that I will be his bride. ONE OF THEM! Ugh... antipatiko! (in his dreams!!!)
  • Boys who can't stick with his girl—whose hobby is fooling around.

Well, last night, someone just confided in me and asked for some counsels. Then she and another one asked me kung may boyfriend ako, eto naman yung mga naisip kong walang kwenta.

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