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Monday, November 08, 2010


Three years ago, I had taken up the subject Accounting 1(Basic Accounting). That time, I could be certain that I would get a grade below the grading cut-off. Although I was then very sure on my chosen endeavor as a CPA wannabe, this instinctive laziness led me to susceptible slip-up. But in three years of being away from school matters—when I left school—I have realized what went wrong, what I did wrong and that I really want to become like Dad, a CPA. Through all those years of ennui, I had wished of nothing but to rectify all those mistakes and get back to school to pursue what I had been dreaming.
Retaking the course now here at Saint Mary’s University, I now reaped this fervor to revision on my curriculum. I/We had just met our instructor for the subject, he talks so slowly, carefully but clearly which makes me listen to him so thoughtfully and understand each word he has to say that I even wish that it can be fast-forwarded for us to finish the topics we will have to tackle in no time, and also to go through the challenge once more.
Wish me luck!:)

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